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“[SINGAPORE] Ha Jiwon Spills Juicy Secrets At 1st Fan Meeting!”

Last weekend, Korean actress Ha Jiwon greeted fans at her  1st Asia Tour “Bridge of Friendship” fan meeting. Known for her versatility with regards to various  roles, both in films and television series, the actress garnered immense popularity through her portrayal of  Gil Ra-im in  Secret Garden which was no doubt a hit amongst the fans that turned up to support her.


An Actress and a Good Friend
With many curious about her relationship with her co-stars off screen, Ha Jiwon revealed some juicy behind the scenes secrets! She mentioned that she still keeps in contact with Hyun Bin via text messages and that he occasionally drops by her filming site to visit her.  As for Lee Seung Gi, she jovially mentioned that  both of them share a common love for food, so whenever they meet, Lee Seung Gi would bring her to recommended restaurants. In addition, Ha Jiwon mentioned that she could cook well, her best dishes being Korean rice cake (ddeokbokki) and kimchi fried rice!

Everything for the Fans
Throughout the fan meet, Ha Jiwon showed off many traits and good qualities that made it evident why she has such a strong and dedicated fan following. During game time, she felt that all participants did well and gave all of them a chance to take a Polaroid picture with her. The crowd cheered loudly in response to her big-hearted gesture.


As the fan meet progressed, the audience was greeted with a short congratulatory video by Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin  She showed her generous heart once again by saying that she will buy them a meal when she goes back to Korea. The emcee then teased Ha Jiwon by saying “Please buy me a meal” and Ha Jiwon replied enthusiastically “Will you come to Korea?” that sent fans into a frenzy! Truly out to make fans happy, Ha Jiwon suggested a fan meeting in Korea and she will buy everyone a meal!

The actress took many by surprise as she confessed to having acrophobia, despite starring in various action movies. However, in order to overcome it, she mentioned that she watches movies of that genre, showcasing her professionalism and dedication towards her acting career.

An Actress and So Much More
Instead of performing a song in her native language, Ha Jiwon went the extra mile to prepare a mandarin song for her Singapore fans! Her version of Ah Niu’s “Will the Girl Opposite Please Look Over?” was infused with Korean aegyo (cuteness) that sent many fans squealing in their seats.

The night ended on a high  when Ha Jiwon whipped out her video camera and took  a wefie with everyone to commemorate the memories made that day.  In closing, Ha Jiwon performed Lenka’s song “The Show” and her lively performance certainly did not disappoint.

Her winsome nature, eagerness to make fans happy and charisma left fans wanting more and they definitely expressed it well. Ha Jiwon held back tears aa she bade fans goodbye before going backstage. With a new movie slated to come out soon, fans can keep their eyes peeled for more of Ha Jiwon!


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Article & Pictures by: Sherlyn


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