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“[SINGAPORE] ‘Guess Who’? It’s The Charismatic and Striking Park Seo Jun”

Park Seo Jun might seem like an untouchable man in many’s eyes, but meeting the man himself changed our perspective of him. On the 4th of November, the rising actor held his fan meet, ‘Guess Who’ in Singapore. As he graced the stage, his fellow fans were exhilarated by his appearance. The actor looked like an absolute heart-throb, despite donning a plain turtle-neck and a grey coat.


The emcee kicked off the fan meet by asking Park Seo Jun about his new movie ‘Midnight Runners’, as the actor shared that it was a valuable experience, and that everyone worked hard during the process of it. “Filming with Kang Haneul was fun, and he is a kind man,” the artiste proclaimed about his co-star in the action-comedy movie. The emcee then went on to congratulate the actor on his win at ‘The 54th Daejong Film Awards’, where Park Seo Jun bagged home the ‘Best New Actor’ award for his role in ‘Midnight Runners’.


The fan meet picked up its pace as he shared more fun facts about his childhood. He mentioned that he was shy as a kid, and that his dream growing up was to be a Baseball Player, and not an actor. However, the crowd was quick to rebut his fact, and expressed jubilation on his decision of being an actor instead. Truth be told – we would not have been able to get to know of Park Seo Jun’s delightful existence if not for his dramas and movies.


Speaking of acting, the celebrity made his television debut on the classic show, ‘Dream High 2’. “Dream High 2 has a very special place in my heart, as I was an actor but I had to not only dance but sing. The rest of the cast took five minutes to master the task, but I took five hours. However, during that time, I learnt that I could do anything if I worked hard for it,” the actor uttered as he reminisced about his past.


Despite Park Seo Jun’s lack in confidence when it comes to acting and singing, he is in no doubt sanguine in one aspect – handsomeness. As a picture of him wearing a police uniform flashed across the screen, the MC asked the actor to rate himself in that outfit. With an optimistic tone and boldness, the celebrity gave his score of “500 out of 100”. We wouldn’t beg to differ – but we think that Park Seo Jun is on another league of ‘handsomeness’. However, his aura paralleled one of an ‘oppa next door’, as his humbled responses and humorous quirks livened the fan meet to the next level.


One of the actor’s recent works include the hit drama ‘Fight For My Way’, where he portrayed the character ‘Ko Dong Man’. As Park Seo Jun possessed ‘abs’ during the filming of the show, the MC did us a favour and asked him if he still had them in check. “My abs are melting,” the artiste exclaimed, but we know that the fans love him far beyond his physical appearance and physique.


One of the most well-known scenes from the drama include Park Seo Jun’s ‘aegyo’, which have been frequently mimicked by Korean celebrities, and is also more commonly known as ‘똑땅해 (Ddok Dang Hae)’. The actor blessed the crowd by performing this renowned scene, which brought euphoria and joy to the fans.


During the fan meet, supporters within the crowd had the chance to interact with Park Seo Jun. Some of them won contests, and had the chance to hug and take selfies with the man himself. Two lucky fans also had the chance to eat tomato-based pasta whipped up by ‘Chef Park’, which smelled delicious, and must have tasted flavourful and delectable.


Sadly, the fan meet was almost coming to an end. To end off the night with a bang, the actor sang ‘Girl’, an OST from iconic drama ‘Reply 1988’, followed by ‘Come To My Heart’, the OST for ‘Witch’s Romance’, where he played the character ‘Yong Dong Ha’ in that drama.


It was a magical night spent with the ‘Nation’s Boyfriend’ Park Seo Jun, and we hope it left an indelible impression on all the fans who basked in his presence that night.


For more HQ photos of Park Seojun from the fan-meeting, head over to our Facebook page to view them all! We would like to thank UnUsUal Entertainment for the generous invite to this event!



Written by: Crystal
Photo Credit: Run Ying & UnUsUal Entertainment



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