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“[SINGAPORE] Guess Who? Hot Trend Actor Park Seojun Greets At Press Conference”

With his charismatic on-screen performance and endearing personality off-screen, Park Seojun has recently been crowned the nation’s boyfriend. The actor made his way to Sunny Singapore on Thursday night for his fanmeet “Guess who?” in Singapore. We were invited to the press conference on 3rd November, a day before his fanmeet to find out more about him, and were deeply enthralled upon his entrance to the venue!


During the press conference, various topics were explored for us to get to know Park Seojun better. Beginning with the topic on bromance with his co-actors, Park Seojun elaborated briefly on the friendships forged on set that he wishes would last forever. He was thankful to have had the opportunity to work with good people like Lee Kwangsoo and Kang Haneul, in fact due to their undeniable chemistry, he had a really good time working on their projects together.



Parallel to the topic on bromance, Park Seojun’s romantic comedy dramas were brought up. The actor is best known for his dramas such as ‘She Was Pretty’, coming-of-age period drama ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’, as well as the recent ‘Fight For My Way.’ For all these dramas, there were a few kissing scenes, so how did he prepare for them? Park Seojun mentioned that he didn’t make special preparations for the scenes, but rather tried to immerse himself into his role, making things natural. Nonetheless, all these does not veil the shy person that Park Seojun is. He tries his best to put these thoughts aside during filming, what a professional!


The actor also had the chance to try one of Singapore’s delicacies – pandan cake. He even made a go at saying the Singapore lingo “shiok!” after having a bite of the cake. Park Seojun seemed to like the taste of it, however, he confessed that he couldn’t eat sweet things or the effort he has put in for his physique will backfire and go to waste.


Crowned as the nation’s boyfriend, Park Seojun took a long pause before conveying his thoughts on this title. He expressed his bashfulness, but eventually admitted that his appeal is his honesty. As he explored other reasons for being presented with this title, the media affirmed that his smile is one of his greatest charms.


Lastly, the actor talked about his plans for 2018. His goal is to be able to find a good project to show better sides of himself, not just in 2018, but for the future as well. We cannot wait and look forward to Park Seojun’s other projects that will continue giving us palpitating hearts and leaving us at the edge of our seats!


For more HQ photos of Park Seojun from the press conference, head over to our Facebook page to view them all! We would like to thank UnUsUal for the invite to this press conference! 🙂


Written by: Amber
Photo Credit: Phebs & Content Y



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