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“[SINGAPORE] GOT7 Soars High At Flight Log: Turbulence Fanmeeting”

The GOT7 boys were back again once more on the shores of our sunny island after six months since their last concert ‘Fly in Singapore’. This time, they were here for ‘Flight Log: Turbulence Fanmeeting’ which many fans had been anticipating for a long time.

The fan meeting kicked off with the opening songs ‘Let Me’ and ‘Prove It’ where the boys serenaded the fans with their sweet vocals before proceeding to their talk segment. GOT7 members specially prepared a congratulatory cake as a surprise for Jackson who won several awards such as ‘Top Variety Show’ and ‘Star Variety’ at the 2016 Tencent Star Awards in China. It was indeed a touching moment for Jackson where he said he was very grateful for his members who were supportive of him all this while.

The fan meeting continued with a variety of interactions and games where the members took in fan requests. One of the main highlights was Yugyeom who did his ‘Hit the Stage’ performance specially for the fans and Bambam who danced to the chorus of TWICE’s ‘TT’ as well as Jackson who kissed all his members one by one in front of the audience much to the delight of fans.

The boys also played a couple of games amongst themselves where they had to guess food items inside a bunch of boxes in front of them through touch. It certainly incited a lot of laughter amongst everyone when JB broke the first item which was ginger and it followed suite with the other members as well.

A few lucky fans were in for a treat when they were called on stage to pair up with a GOT7 member to play charades together. Each pair had to work together where the fan had to guess as many words as possible acted our by a GOT7 member within the shortest time frame. The fan who could guess the most words would be declared as the winner. Eventually the lucky winner also had the opportunity to take a group photo with GOT7 personally.

After the games segment, a special behind the scenes VCR of Turbulence was aired for the fans while waiting for the boys to prepare for their next song. Cheers erupted as various scenes of the boys were being flashed on screen. GOT7 then emerged back on stage with hit tracks such as ‘Fly’ and ‘If You Do.

It was almost towards the end of the fan meeting and the boys shared their thoughts and feelings where Mark mentioned that they were always happy to be here in Singapore while Jinyoung said that GOT7 will will be back with better performances and songs.

To mark the end of a memorable night, the boys performed their final song, ‘Hard Carry’ where fans cheered and screamed their loudest for the boys before bidding farewell to them.

The Seoul Story would like to thank IME SG & Three Angles Production for allowing us media coverage for this event! Check out more HQ photos from us at our Facebook page! 🙂




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