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“[SINGAPORE] GOT7 fly high at first full concert in Singapore!”


When the boys of GOT7 (JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom) revealed the list of countries and dates for their ‘FLY’ tour, there was a whirlwind of excitement in Singapore as our little red dot was announced to be the last Asian stop for the group. On Friday night, the wait finally came to an end for local fans as the talented group descended upon our shores for their first, full solo concert in the country.

Member Bambam had explained why the concert series was named ‘FLY’ – both in homage to their latest album ‘Flight Log: Departure’ and so the boys could ‘fly’ all around the world to perform for their international fans. The group spared no expense to put on an impressive show – from a lengthy, carefully-curated set list to abundant special effects, GOT7’s youthful energy and electric brand of live performances could certainly be seen and felt throughout the evening.

The concert kicked off with a short opening dance break performance by skillful backup dancers, before GOT7 finally stepped onto the stage to the opening strains of ‘Put Your Hands Up‘. Decked out in reflective and glittery outfits, the boys swiftly transitioned to the next song ‘Turn Up The Music‘, ramping up the carnival atmosphere in the venue as the fans waved their light-sticks to the beat of the music.


Next up was GOT7’s debut track ‘Girls Girls Girls‘ and ‘Back To Me‘ from their mini album ‘Just Right‘. Paired with sleek and smooth dance moves, the boys moved around the stage confidently as they belted out the bold song lyrics. After a rousing rendition of upbeat title track ‘A‘, the boys took a breather for the first ment to introduce themselves. BamBam adorably confessed that he had a case of nerves and had in fact been practicing his speech for the past two days. Soft-spoken member Junior mentioned that it felt really good to be back in Singapore, with the rest of the members concurring and expressing similar thoughts.


As soon as the short self-introduction came to an end, the boys quickly launched into three tracks in quick succession: ‘Magnetic‘, ‘This Star‘ and ‘Playground‘. For ‘This Star’, the group reminded fans of its special meaning – that it was a song written and performed just for the fans by Junior. Concluding the first part of the concert with “Can’t” and the lively ‘I Like You‘, the members retreated backstage for a quick outfit change as the audience was kept entertained with VCR footage.


The long-awaited second segment soon commenced with JB and Youngjae’s collaboration for self-composed track ‘1:31am’, while Mark and Junior paired up to perform ‘Higher’ right after. After the duet performances, Jackson, BamBam and Yugyeom kicked it up a notch with ‘We Only Live Once (WOLO)’. This mini unit showcase had given fans the chance to experience a roller-coaster of sounds, each track a textured number varying in terms of the tonalities, emotions and themes.

Before the crowd had a chance to catch their breaths, GOT7 had the fans screaming and hollering again as they emerged back on stage for the third segment – clad in pink dresses with long, curly tresses on their heads! In a hilarious parody of girl group ‘GFRIEND’, Junior, Mark and Youngjae performed ‘Me Gustas Tu’ while acing the choreography at that as well. The excitement in the atmosphere was palpable as the remaining members took the stage next for a boisterous cover of Red Velvet’s ‘Dumb Dumb’. While fans did get to see the feminine side of the boys, things took an interesting turn as the members then went on to perform JJ Project’s ‘Hooked’ in their wigs and frocks 😛


One of the highlights of the night was definitely GOT7’s latest promo track – ‘Fly‘. As the audience cheered in recognition during the opening tune of this track, the crowd truly went ballistic as the song approached its chorus. Singing along to the lines ‘We’re gonna fly~’, IGOT7s showed their appreciation for the band by doing the fanchants with gusto. Following that, the boys also performed several rip-roaring tracks including the baseball-themed ‘Home Run‘, ‘See The Light‘, ‘Just Right‘ and ‘Rewind‘ before ending off the segment with fan favourites ‘Stop Stop It‘ and ‘If You Do‘.

Afterwards, the boys headed backstage for another outfit change as the fans participated in a game of ‘Spin The Roulette’ with the members through the wide screens. However, all of this were to lead up to GOT7’s true gift for the fans: a romantic serenade of ‘Confession Song‘ and a rendition of local artiste JJ Lin’s ‘可惜没如果 (If Only)’! We wholeheartedly commend the boys for putting in effort to memorize the lyrics of a foreign language song and pulling it off with such aplomb on stage!


After completing the set list with ‘Follow Me‘ and ‘Bounce‘, GOT7 returned back on stage for encore tracks ‘Before the Moon Rises’ as well as a remixed version of ‘Fly’. As the night came to an end, the boys gave the audience a proper sendoff by thanking Singapore IGOT7s for an ‘unforgettable night’. Jackson and Mark assured the fans that GOT7 could perhaps make a return to the country again for a fanmeet event. The boys then huddled together on stage for one last group photo with all the IGOT7s in attendance to mark the end of the show, closing the door on a truly extraordinary experience for their local fans.

We would like to extend our gratitude to ONE Production for providing us with media accreditation to this event 🙂

Photo credit: ONE Production / Marcus Lin.



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