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“[SINGAPORE] ‘Girls Girls Girls’ (and boys) go crazy for #GOT7inSG!”


Less than a year after their first fan meet in April, GOT7 (JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom) returned to our sunny island once more to perform for their local fans. GOT7’s second fanmeet was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and fans filled the hallways from early morning, proving that the boys’ arrival here this time round was as highly anticipated as ever.


A vibrating energy swept through the hall as the lights dimmed and GOT7 appeared onstage, kick starting the fan meet with ‘Stop Stop It’. Dressed in rugged black outfits comprising of ripped jeans and leather jackets, the boys ignited deafening cheers from the crowd. Colourful fan boards were held up in the air as fans tried their best to capture their idols’ attention during their eye-catching performance. Next up was a performance of debut track, ‘Girls Girls Girls’. The parts in the song showcasing GOT7’s martial arts tricking skills drew rousing cheers and screams from the crowd as Mark and Jackson did a  slow-mo cartwheel and frontal flip respectively at the bridge of the track.


GOT7 then introduced themselves individually in English. Mark expressed his obvious excitement by greeting the fans with a high-pitched ‘Hi Singapore!’. The boys then moved on to the first game of the night – broken telephone in the form of charades with 7 lucky fans! When the game ended, the fans left the stage with an adorable group photo with the boys as well as signed posters.


The fans cleared the stage in preparation for another one of GOT7’s hit title tracks from earlier this year, ‘Just Right’. Paired with adorable facial expressions to go with the playful and cheerful vibe of the song, the boys had fans grinning from ear to ear as they sang and danced along. Following that, the fans were in for one of the most anticipated performances of the night – GOT7’s latest title track, ‘If You Do’. There was absolutely no denying how suave and handsome the boys were, and the fans finally got to see the complex choreography right before their eyes.


The fan meet quickly progressed to the second round of games where it was announced that it would be a game of musical chairs! After the fans mixed and mingled with the boys, the game began as hit songs such as ‘Stop Stop It’, ‘Bounce’, and ‘If You Do’ played in the background. After four rounds, the boys took a group picture and individual photos with the final winner of the game, leaving the fans in the crowd green with envy. Jackson then assured the fans who didn’t get a chance to play that they would be back in Singapore soon to play another round of musical chairs with them!


Afterwards, the boys left fans’ hearts fluttering as they serenaded everyone with their latest release, a festive Christmas track titled ‘Confession Song’. Right after that, GOT7 performed ‘Playground’, a track from their very first album, ‘Got it?’. Taking a break from the other upbeat dance tracks, the crowd transformed into a wave of blue as they waved their light sticks in the air along to the beat of the song.

GOT7 also gave maknae Yugyeom a chance to live up to his title as dance-machine of GOT7 with a short dance break! With Jackson beat-boxing in the background; the youngest member broke out in a spontaneous popping dance, earning cheers of approval from the crowd. Things took an interesting turn as the boys persuaded vocalist Youngjae to break out in dance as well, to which he gamely started the famous whip and nae nae dance with two other members!


At the end of the performances, GOT7 was presented with a short but touching fan-made video. When they turned back to face the fans, the boys were pleasantly surprised as all the fans in the crowd held up banners to express their support. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Jackson told a fan that her banner was upside down, drawing laughter from the members as well as the fans.

GOT7 ended the show with live renditions of ‘Magnetic’ and ‘Bounce’, leaving the fans anticipating for more as they left abruptly and signaled the wait for an encore stage. Following the fans’ steady cheers and screams, the boys got back onto the stage and fans rocked it out to their encore performance – a remixed version of title track ‘A’. It was truly a magical night for the ‘Ahgases’ in attendance – right from the very beginning to the point when the boys bowed goodbye.

The Seoul Story would like to thank Three Angles Production for the opportunity to cover the event 🙂



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