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“[SINGAPORE] Girl’s Day Special Guest Appearance At Dream T’s Acquisition Press Conference”

Girl’s Day was in Singapore last week at the press conference of Elektromotive Group Limited and Dream T Entertainment at Marina Bay Sands. The group consisting of members Sojin, Yura, Hyeri and Minah were present at the press conference as special guests who were there to show support for their company.

Elektromotive Group Limited which is a technology and engineering solutions for electric vehicle charging stations company in Singapore announced at the press conference that they would acquire 63.13 percent stake in Dream T Entertainment.

Dream T Entertainment and its subsidiary, YMC Entertainment are well-known in South Korea as entertainment management companies which produces hit artistes such as Girl’s Day, MAP6, Ailee and I.O.I

The acquisition aims to strengthen the Group’s overall brand presence especially in South East Asia where they hope to be able to search and groom young talent into potential Kpop idols. The Group which will be based in Singapore looks forward into utilizing Singapore’s location as a platform to engage and manage their current artistes to reach greater heights.

The Seoul Story had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the girls. Check out our video here below to find out what are some of the plans the girls have in stored for Christmas!

The Seoul Story would also like to thank Flame for allowing us media coverage for this event! Check out more HQ photos from us at our Facebook Page!



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