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“[SINGAPORE] GFRIEND are bright as jewels at L.O.L Showcase in Singapore!”


Rising rookie girl group GFRIEND was here in Singapore earlier this month for their first ever showcase titled ‘L.O.L’, which was held at the Megabox Convention Centre. The six-member band which consists of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji definitely created much hype and buzz among Buddies on social media in the days leading up to the event.

Fans were greeted with GFRIEND’s songs blaring out of the speakers even before the showcase started. As soon as the lights dimmed and signaled the start of the showcase, the fans cheered even louder while waiting for the girls to make their long-awaited appearance.


The showcase kicked off with their debut promotional track “Glass Bead”, a familiar song to many even to those who were not a Buddy themselves. Yuju’s powerful high notes in the song blew the crowd away and left everyone in awe and amazement. Next, GFRIEND quickly moved onto to their next track, “Luv Star” a bubbly and upbeat song which had the fans singing along with gusto. It was a heart-fluttering performance with adorable gestures and eye-catching, synchronized dance moves.

Following this, GFRIEND sat down for the first talk segment with the fans. The girls shared exclusive photos of themselves taken backstage and also interesting anecdotes which they encountered individually or together as a group.


One key highlight that Singapore Buddies would be sure to remember was the girls expressing their desire to try chili crab and kaya toast during their stay here. Eunha also sang a short line of “In my Sadness, I Have to Forget You”, which she performed on popular singing audition show ‘King of Masked Singer’.

GFRIEND and Buddies also bonded with one another through a game segment where a few lucky fans were picked to have an intense eye staring competition with each member. The fan had to not blink in order to win and the loser would have to do a forfeit. The mischievousness of some of the participants during the games caused laughter to erupt from everyone onstage and in the audience. Even the girls of GFRIEND were trying to contain their amusement while seeing their fans having so much fun.


To wrap up the successful showcase, the girls performed their hit songs “Rough” and “Me Gustas Tu”. These two songs were signature tunes that propelled GFRIEND to fame and recognition. GFRIEND won a total of fourteen music show awards for “Rough” and also achieved triple crowns on M! Countdown, Music Bank, Show Champion, and Inkigayo. Furthermore, the group caught the attention of many after a fan-taken video of them performing “Me Gusta Tu” on a slippery stage went viral. The group was praised for their professionalism and dedication where they continued performing despite the poor weather condition and stage setting.

Aside from the more popular title tracks, GFRIEND also performed special live renditions of “White” and “One”. “White” is a soulful and upbeat song that speaks about having the courage to confess about one’s true feelings to the other party while “One” is a song about innocence that many can relate to while experiencing their first love.


As much as we wanted the showcase to carry on throughout the entire night, it was almost time to bid farewell as leader Sowon spoke of how time passed quickly when they were with Buddies. To mark the end of the showcase, GFRIEND performed their final and latest title track, “Navillera” which sent fans cheering wildly for more.


As is typical of K-pop concerts or showcases, the girls did not disappoint their fans and came back onstage for an encore. The song “Sunshine” started to play in the background as Buddies presented their special banner project for the girls. It was truly a night to remember for everyone and fans can definitely look forward to what the talented girls have in store for them in the future.

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