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“[SINGAPORE] Fans Spring into April on a ‘Pink Memory Day’ with Apink”

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Fans of Apink (Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Hayoung, Chorong and Namjoo) in Singapore greeted the month of April with the arrival of the trendy girl group on our sunny little island! Enthusiastic Pink Pandas rallied behind the girls and arrived at the MegaBox Convention Centre @ Big Box in droves to see the girls live at a special mini concert and fan meeting. There was no doubt that it was definitely a night which would stay in the fans’ minds for a very long time!


A Vision of Pink

The concert kicked off on a high note, with beautiful bursts of confetti that marked the official start of the concert. Bright pink light sticks illuminated the entire venue as fans gleefully greeted the girls of Apink with great enthusiasm, making sure that the girls were able to hear their fanchants loud and clear.

The six beautiful ladies opened the concert with recent hit ‘Remember’, before moving on to perform ‘Good Morning Baby’ as well as the perennial crowd favourite, ‘NoNoNo’!



Member Namjoo had a neck brace on throughout the entire duration of the concert, which unfortunately restricted her movements but certainly did not stop her from entertaining her fans. As part of a special fan project, the audience members conveyed their sincere wishes and held up paper slogans with “Get Well Soon, Namjoo!” on them. The initiative was clearly a success as Namjoo teared up, moved by the thoughtfulness of the gesture. We wish you a speedy recovery, Namjoo!


Apink then continued to amaze the fans with live renditions of selected songs from their extensive discography, such as ‘My My’, ‘Secret’, ‘Cat’ and the catchy ‘Mr Chu’.


Hilarity ensues!

A distinctive feature of fan meetings would certainly be the highly-anticipated game segment, where fans would potentially get a special opportunity to interact with their favourite stars. For the first game, the Apink members were instructed to personally pick out a fan from the crowd in the hall. It was a difficult task for the kind girls, seeing as they did not want to have to disappoint fans who were not chosen. Finally, the girls ended up choosing the lucky fans through various creative methods. Eunji, for one, chose to play scissors-paper-stone with the host in order to make her decision!


After much amusement and laughter, Hayoung, Eunji and Chorong’s team came out tops for the game of charades! The lucky fans who formed part of their teams were gifted with signed posters for their winning efforts and participation.

As the night went on, the fun and games continued. For the second game, Bomi had to pick out her own team members and to the delight of fans, recruited leader Chorong and youngest member Hayoung. The girls would be playing the following game among themselves and a prize would be awarded to a fan chosen by the winning team!


The next game was similar to charades, except that it required the participants to showcase their drawing skills. The first person had to attempt to explain a given scenario or word by drawing a picture, before letting the next person in the team to guess what she had drawn. Subsequently, the next member in line had to sketch her own interpretation of the first person’s masterpiece. The last person was tasked with guessing the scenario or word in question. Naeun, Namjoo and Eunji’s team emerged as the victor and the fans they had picked received the best sketches drawn during the game, preciously adorned with all the members’ autographs. In addition, an adorable fan dressed in a panda onesie also demonstrated that creativity paid off, as she received hugs from the Apink members in her team for her enthusiasm 🙂


Love and Gratitude

Towards the end of the concert, the girls were treated to a screening of a heartfelt, fan-made video. Their feelings were apparent in the way they jostled excitedly in their seats and let out cute whines into their microphones whenever emotional parts of the clip were shown.

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The surprises kept on coming, as a cake was brought out on stage afterwards in commemoration of Apink’s fifth anniversary. As they gathered around the cake, the members teared up and said that the fans had done more for them than what they had done for the fans. They showed immense gratitude and their appreciation for the gifts from Singaporean Pink Pandas, and dedicated their next song ‘April 19’ to the wonderful fans. The event ended on a superbly high note with a final performance of ‘Up to the Sky’, after which the girls bid a fond farewell to everyone in the hall.

We would like to extend out huge congratulations to Three Angles Production for hosting a successful event. Head over to our Facebook page for more HQ pictures from the event, and stay tuned to our YouTube page for our exclusive interview with Apink!



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