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“[SINGAPORE] EXO Thunders The Crowd With Monstrous Performances”

As the stadium becomes dim, the crowd of twinkling lightsticks stood out, moving enthusiastically to welcome the phenomenal idol group that is excellent, xenial and outstanding. After a long year of waiting, the highly anticipated “EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM” finally reached Singapore on 2nd April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Unlike “EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion”, it was a one day concert only.

As the heavy bass dropped, the recognisable debut song, ‘MAMA’ played in the background as the main stage lit up, revealing the sensational group that EXO-Ls had been waiting for. Iconic title songs ‘Monster’ and ‘Wolf’ followed after, as the audience erupted with fan chants as one.

The lights then switched to shades of purple, signaling the golden time for voluptuous vibes and alluring moves. ‘White Noise’, ‘Artificial Love’ and ‘Playboy’ sent EXO-Ls’ to falsetto heaven, as they basked in the glory of EXO’s stunning vocals.

The group then transformed from sexy individuals to cute dorks in white outfits. In this segment, stripped-back instrumental with raw vocals were showcased. As Chanyeol played the guitar, the fanchants and vocals of the boys were amplified, making it a personable and all-rounded performance.

Next up were upbeat songs with sultry choreography. ‘Tender Love’ and ‘Love Me Right’ brought fans to an all high, amounting to great fervor. Bringing back the wondrous vocals, EXO performed ‘One and Only’, with Kai and Sehun enchanting us with suave moves in the water.


After a short video, the group emerged onto the stage as musical elves, exploring the circumference and waving to fans in all directions. They sang songs such as ‘Heaven’ and ‘365’ whilst interacting with fans, gifting them with precious memories.

Time does not stop, and the boys went on to perform rhythmic songs such as ‘Overdose’, ‘Transformer’, and ‘Lightsaber’. It was hard to take our eyes off them; their powerful moves and energy radiated throughout the crowd, creating an exhilarating atmosphere. Making use of this opportunity, the crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sehun, whose birthday is on 12 April. Sehun then shared that his swimming lessons were put on hold to spend quality time with his dog, Vivi, at home.

Just like the old times during EXO’luXion, DJ time was brought back as Chanyeol, Xiumin and Sehun rapped to ‘Do It Together’ and ‘Full Moon’, causing the fans to wave their lightsticks even harder in excitement. All the boys then gathered back on stage, rocking out to ‘Let Out The Beast’, ‘Lucky’, and ‘Run’. Regretfully, the boys bid their goodbyes and left the stage, but fans chanted for the encore stage and made it happen.

EXO then appeared on stage for the last time, performing ‘Growl’, and ‘Lucky One’, which were both extremely well received by the fans. It was as if the stage was transformed into a toy factory, as the boys picked up plushies and little treasures given by fans.

Last but not least, the inevitable came and it was time for the boys to end the concert. EXO expressed their wishes to come back to Singapore again, and presented the fans with ‘Angel’, before exiting the stage.

We would like to extend our thanks to ONE Production for allowing us media coverage for this event! 🙂

Picture Credit: ONE Production




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