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“[SINGAPORE] EXO Loves EXO-Ls Right with spectacular first concert of 2016!”


Fans of one of the hottest boy groups, EXO, were treated to a breathtaking performance on the night of January 9th, 2016 in Singapore. The fans, better known as EXO-L, were definitely ready to party with EXO during their two day stint in our sunny island as part of their world tour, EXOLu’Xion.

The concert kicked off with their hit song, ‘Overdose’, and followed up with the ever-mindblowing choreography to ‘History’ and finished up their first set with ‘El Dorado’. Their dependable leader, Suho, started the ment section with a huge shout of “What’s up, Singapore?”, much to the delight of screaming fans.


Chanyeol declared that “it had been a long time since EXO has stood in Singapore” and that “they had prepared a lot”, hoping that “fans would enjoy themselves thoroughly”. Kai, sweet as ever, expressed his delight that “EXO’s first concert of 2016 was with Singaporean fans”. Of course, Suho could not lose out and cheesily declared that “Singapore’s hot weather was due to the fans hotness”, a sentiment echoed by Chen and Xiumin. Baekhyun told fans that “EXO had eaten chili crab earlier, resulting in “their insides burning”, amusing fans as laughter erupted in the National Stadium.

Maknae Sehun wrapped up the ment by telling fans to enjoy themselves, as the group seamlessly continued with their next set, starting with a fan favourite, “Butterfly Girl”. The mood turned sultry as “Playboy was up next, sending fans into a tizzy with their hip gyrations. “Baby Don’t Cry” was performed with a grand piano rolled onto the stage. Alongside the honey-like vocals, Kai and Sehun performed dance solos, made even more incredible by dancing within a shallow water trough.


“My Answer” and “My Turn to Cry saw the mood shifting into a more mellow, peaceful one, touching the hearts of many fans – some were even crying. “Shining Star”, “EXODUS and “Hurt revved up the engine with jazz beats and synthesisers soon enough.

Fans were caught by surprise with a delightfully adorable video of EXO dressed up in elf costumes, ready to be Santa’s Helpers. When EXO came out on stage in the same pointed shoes, elf hats and suspenders to perform “Peter Pan”, the cheers were deafening. “XOXO”, “Lucky and “3.6.5 put a little Christmas cheer and fun into the air, despite Singapore’s sweltering weather!


Taking a break before the next set, the ment continued with Suho declaring that “It was a pity EXO could not spend Christmas with EXO-Ls in Singapore in 2015, and to make up for it, they would celebrate it now”. Leading the fans in a chant of “Merry Christmas!”, EXO performed “First Snow and “Miracle of December”, their hit holiday ballads.

Chanyeol and Xiumin took the stage next, engaging fans in a call and answer that went with their rap solo before transitioning right into “Machine”, “Let Out the Beast and “Run. The performance was made even more impressive with a set-up that lifted Chanyeol into the air alongside a DJ-deck and had D.O and Baekhyun strapped into laser vests which hoisted them into mid-air. Chanyeol led the fans in standing up and jumping alongside them, turning the atmosphere into one mimicking a club. Of course, the ever polite Xiumin asked for fans to “Please sit down” after the set was over!


The next set took off after a short introduction video with their title songs, “Call Me Baby”, “Growl” and “Love Me Right, which Suho had claimed was the last song. Fans being reluctant to see EXO go, chanted for an Encore, which resulted in EXO returning to perform their latest singles, “Sing For You and “Unfair”.

All good times must come to an end. EXO left the stage amidst the cheers of EXO-Ls and a shower of confetti. As a parting shot, Suho cheerfully told the “You all know that there’s another show tomorrow, right?

Thank you AC Music Entertainment for the press photos and for extending the invites for us to cover the event!




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