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“[SINGAPORE] EXID Exudes Fun & Laidback Personalities at Press Conference”

The fittingly self-described ‘Bad, Sexy, and Cold’ girls of EXID finally set foot in Singapore for the first time ever as part of their maiden Asia tour! Despite missing Solji who is on hiatus due to health reasons, the other members consisting of Hani, Hyelin, and L.E were in full spirits as they greeted the media with utmost enthusiasm for their press conference.

In town with a concert for its promotional effort following their latest album release entitled ‘Eclipse’, the press conference kicked off with an air of curiosity on how big of a difference EXID’s recent album has in comparison to their previous ones, as well as the concepts the girls would like to explore in the future. L.E responded by saying that it is very much different from the usual colours EXID has shown so far. Hani followed up in agreement and said that she feels the members suit a ‘girly’ concept and that is something she wants the group to challenge in the future.

With the group’s international growth, have you ever thought of an international act that EXID would want to collaborate with? Hyelin voluntarily answered that NAO is someone they would love to collaborate with considering how much they have been listening to her recently, as the other girls nodded in approval. As 2017 is the first year the group is holding a regional Asia tour, Hani revealed that their goal of meeting fans from different countries and to be able to connect with them has been accomplished when asked of their desired achievements for this year. She also expressed her hopes for EXID to comeback as a full-unit in the near future, and further added that the group couldn’t contain their excitement for the concert to begin after seeing the amount of fans that greeted them at the airport.


To EXID, it was an unbelievable moment when their latest album ‘Eclipse’ charted a highly impressive top four in Billboard’s World Albums Chart, marking the group’s highest ranking and their first top five entry on the tally to date. The members conveyed their deepest gratitude to fans when asked of their sincerest feelings upon hearing the news and strived to work hard and be even better in the future.

The press conference took a comical turn when they were quizzed on what roles each member would assume if they were a family. As Hani staringly examined her members one by one, she picked L.E as the grandmother, much to the group’s laughter of approval. Hyelin was picked to be the mother, while Junghwa voluntarily labelled herself as the good daughter which Hani and L.E later refuted saying she’s more of a bad sister, filling the air with chuckles from the press.

As the group’s recent title track is entitled ‘Night Rather Than Day’, the girls were posed with a tongue-in-cheek question when asked if they are more of a night or a day person. The members were split into half when responding, as Hyelin and Junghwa see themselves as someone who actively enjoys the moon’s company while Hani and L.E relish basking themselves under the bright hot sun.

With the girls’ off-stage fun and laidback personalities in full flow during the press conference, it was timely that they were asked of the group’s differences being on-stage and off-stage. Hani answered by saying that she feels the group is more serious and focused while performing on stage while off-stage, they are more fun and relaxed. That goes without saying as the press was treated to an entertaining press conference when Hani added that she also felt they are ‘a little bit sexier while on stage, making everyone in the room laugh.

Have you ever imagined EXID in sub-units? Well, each of them certainly has as Hyelin mentioned that she would love to do a ballad duet performance with Solji as soon as she recovers. Hani responded in jest by saying that it has always been her ambition to stand in between Junghwa and Hyelin, while Junghwa said that she wants to perform a cute, fun and bright performance in pink coloured tennis skirts with Hyelin. Meanwhile, L.E wants to do a duet with Hani and truly let the world know what ‘girl crush’ really is.

It came as a surprise when L.E picked the legendary Shinhwa as the group’s role model ever since their debut. The reason being? She said that the group admired Shinhwa’s longevity and wished that EXID could also follow in their footsteps. On what they hope to achieve as a group in the future, Hani responded by saying that they aspire to be the kind of group who inspires and gives strength to others through their performances. (Well, LEGGOs can certainly agree that the group has already fulfilled their aspiration…)

As Hani was previously on Mr Paik’s cooking show, she shared a memorable cooking tip: ‘When you want to fry a chicken, always fold its wings.’ Hyelin hilariously interfered by saying that Hani is only good at sharing these cooking tips, because it’s an entirely different case when she cooks. Following that, Hani simply couldn’t deny but replied with a compliment for Hyelin by revealing that she’s probably the best cook in EXID because all the food she has cooked so far have been really good. She added that Junghwa is also good at making cup noodles because she’s good at measuring the right amount of water needed to cook a good bowl of ramyeon.


When asked on what the fans can look forward to the girls’ performances, the group revealed that they have prepared something exciting in store for Singapore fans as they will be performing a song that they have never performed anywhere else before, even in Korea.

We all have our must-have items when we travel, and so do the members. L.E shared that she always packs tanning oil and her swimming suit, while Junghwa sees her travel adaptor and a book as a necessity. Hyelin hilariously picks her slippers and Hani responded by saying she does not only pack her diary for overseas trips, but she usually brings it everywhere else too! Entertaining the last question of the press conference, L.E chose ‘Bad, Sexy, and Cold’ as the three words that describe EXID and very rightfully so.

As the press conference came to an end, the girls waved the media goodbye with their radiant smiles full of enthusiasm as they prepared for their concert which came an hour later after the press conference ended.

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