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“[SINGAPORE] DAY6’s ‘Daydream’ fan meeting becomes a reality”

DAY6 came down for their second fan meeting with fans in Singapore last Saturday to blow them away with their great music and amazing charms. Fans who have been waiting for them to visit Singapore again had the opportunity to see them as the boys performed a slew of amazing songs not only from their debut album, but also the recent ones from their comeback mini-album, Daydream. The band, consisting of lead guitarist Jae, main vocalist and leader Sungjin, bassist Young K, drummer Dowoon, and last but not least, keyboardist Wonpil.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine

Shrieks of encouragement could already be heard in the audience as soon as the boys got onstage to tune their instruments. They kicked off the fan meeting with a bang, performing a song from their latest album, titled ‘Blood’. It certainly hyped up the atmosphere at the venue as the crowd moved along to ‘Like That Sun’, a song which will never fails to lift anyone’s spirits.

Afterwards, the boys introduced themselves, greeting fans enthusiastically. A board, containing a number of post-it notes, was brought out onstage. Apparently, the boys were to pick out two post-it notes each; requests written personally by fans in the audience.

Jae cracked the audience up as he tried to rap Young K‘s part in ‘Letting Go’. Halfway through his rapping, Jae forgot the lyrics and got flustered as a result. Fans were laughing at how desperate he was, asking Young K to help him out.


Dowoon had to do aegyo twice because the members and fans were unsatisfied the first time he did it. However, it seems like Sungjin certainly had no qualms with regards to acting cutely, exaggerated as it was. After he jumped and waved his hands up in the air, he apologised to fans. Even though the audience loved it, the other members were experiencing second-hand embarrassment.

Another fan requested for Dowoon to sing for them. Even though the youngest DAY6 member tried to convince everyone that he could not sing, the audience wasn’t deterred. Fans wanted to hear him sing! They listened attentively as Dowoon hesitantly sang, cheering as soon as he was done to show their support and to tell him that he did well.

A hug from Wonpil was requested by a fan. There was a lot of impromptu discussion going on but the fortunate fan who sent in that request was invited up on the stage to hug Wonpil!

Boom Boom Boom Boom… Balloon!

The first game was played among all the five members. The boys were to stand in a straight line and played Cham Cham Cham with the MC. In the game, one had to make sure that the direction his face is looking at is not the same as the direction the MC is flipping his hand in on the third “Cham”. While the balloon was being pumped with air, each member at the very front had to win before they can move to the back of the line.

Unfortunately for Dowoon and Sungjin, they were the members who had the balloons popped right above their heads during the game. In the group photo taken, Dowoon and Sungjin had to pose with their faces contorted as ugly as they could. Dowoon could not pull a face which was ugly enough for the first photo, which meant that they had to take another photo. According to one of the MCs, no matter how much Dowoon tried, he simply could not look ugly.

The audience agreed vehemently.

Guess The Song!

Five lucky fans were invited up on the stage to play the next game with the DAY6 members. Each fan was paired up with a band member, forming five teams in total. A snippet of each song was to be played, and the fan whose team could guess the most songs would get to take a photo with all the DAY6 boys!

Wonpil’s team managed to guess the first song! In his excitement, Wonpil hugged his team member, rendering the fan and everyone in the audience speechless.

In the end, Young K‘s team won and the fan who won managed to get a photo taken with all the DAY6 members. As a bonus, she received hugs as well!

The boys ended the fan meeting with a bang, as they had everyone in the audience jumping with “Free하게”! No DAY6 event is complete without this song, that’s for sure!

They assured fans that next year will be a busy year for them, so fans should keep a lookout. We hope that the boys will visit Singapore again soon!

Congratulations to IME Productions and Three Angles Profuction for the successful event and thank you for allowing us to cover the event! 🙂 For more HQ photos from the event, do check out our Facebook Page!



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