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“[SINGAPORE] Dal Shabet headlines NTU Fest 2015 amidst star-studded line-up”


Singapore, 29 August 2015 – The gorgeous girls of Dal Shabet (Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, Woohee, GaEun and Subin) came down to Singapore over the weekend to liven up the 2015 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Fest at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, charming the crowd with their sunny smiles and sharp dance moves. The event was held in conjunction with the commemoration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, with exciting  activities in store for everyone who attended the fest last Saturday. After a slew of performances by local artistes and talented campus students, special guests Dal Shabet finally took the stage and made their much-awaited appearance.


Dal Shabet made a grand entrance and kicked off proceedings with “B.B.B”! The addictive and funky melody had everyone on their feet to catch a clearer glimpse of the members up on stage. Deafening cheers erupted as the girls started singing, and it did not take long for some of those unfamiliar with the song to follow along by the second chorus of the song!



Cute Serri!

Afterwards, emcees Joakim Gomez and Gerald Koh chatted with the ladies for a while, attempting to speak in Korean with them. It was heartwarming to see Dal Shabet praising the emcees for showing their sincerity and making the members felt welcome at the same time. They spoke of how honoured they were to be invited, and congratulated Singapore on celebrating its golden jubilee. The six girls were never still while on the stage, and used every opportunity they had to initiate fan service, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd.


Next, Dal Shabet entertained fans with “Joker”, from their latest mini album, titled “Joker is Alive”. The song featured sexy choreography, electrifying the atmosphere at The Promontory. It was followed by “Hate, Don’t Hate!”, a catchy, head-bopping number which brought the audience back to the 80’s with its retro sound!



Everyone was left bewildered when Dal Shabet waved them goodbye, but fortunately, the show was not over yet! The girls came back onstage for an encore, jumping straight into “Supa Dupa Diva” as fans cheered for them non-stop. A few students from NTU went up to give the girls bouquets of flowers as tokens of appreciation as soon as the song ended. The look on the girls’ faces was priceless; they were truly surprised and showed their appreciation cutely and gracefully.


Dal Shabet wrapped up the entire festival with “Mr Bang Bang”, with the crowd singing along louder than ever! A few disappointed screams rang out after Dal Shabet said their farewells and headed backstage, as everyone present certainly had had a blast seeing Dal Shabet perform. The girls were absolutely adorable; from Jiyul speaking English to the fans, to the members showing off their aegyo and casually “throwing hearts” to show their love for the audience members. There is no doubt that Singapore would want to see more of these girls in the future!

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate and thank NTU Fest 2015 for the successful event as well as the opportunity to cover this event!