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“[SINGAPORE] CROSS GENE takes fans into a ‘Parallel’ universe at exclusive fanmeet”


Last week, multinational boy group Cross Gene (SHIN, TAKUYA, CASPER, YONGSEOK, SANGMIN, and SEYOUNG) arrived in Singapore for a special one-off intimate fanmeet at MILLIAN Singapore! Local CandYs packed the cosy venue on the night itself for an event jam-packed with activities and performances from their favourite band.

Bucking the trend of an opening performance, Cross Gene kicked off proceedings with a fresh, school-themed games segment titled ‘Cross Gene School’! The boys dressed up in preppy school uniforms and role-played as students in an interactive and engaging classroom concept. Quiz questions about the group were posed to the members and they had to write down answers on a small whiteboard. Fans were allowed to give hints to members, resulting in much flurry and excitement as they tried to help their favourite members get the correct answers.


For History class, Cross Gene were tasked to recall the events of their last trip to Singapore during the SKECHERS Sundown Festival in 2014. English class entailed the boys answering questions posed to them by the fans in English. Lastly, Physical Education class involved a round of charades and a mini treasure hunt. The scavenger hunt was undoubtedly the highlight of the event, as lucky fans who had their hidden items found received autographs from Cross Gene! Yongseok was especially active during the game as he took more items than needed and signed them all in a wonderful show of fanservice.


After ‘Cross Gene School’, the group underwent a transformation and morphed from boys-next-door to a charismatic idol group! The first song was an upbeat ballad ‘Holiday’, which coincided with the designated photo-time and fans were allowed to snap away with their cameras. Next, the boys quickly transitioned into a medley of fast-paced songs. Among the songs performed were current promotional single ‘Noona, You’ as well as  tracks off their latest mini album ‘Game’ – ‘My Face’ and ‘Mr Secret’. ‘Amazing Bad Lady’ pumped up the atmosphere with the sexy choreography (hip thrusts galore!) and Cross Gene then proceeded to reveal the first ever live performance of ‘Kki’!


The boys continued to impress with their suave dance moves for the lively number ‘Play With Me’. As the fanmeet drew to a close, there was a dramatic change of pace as the group serenaded fans with ‘I’ll Be Fine’ – the final song for the night. Before bidding the fans goodbye, Cross Gene held a photo-taking session where lucky CandYs had a chance to create a memento as well as speak to their favourite members! From the looks of it and the palpable excitement in the air, it was definitely an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

We would like to thank CROSS GENE for all their hard work, and also Amuse Inc Singapore for providing us with the opportunity to cover this event!  🙂



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