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“[SINGAPORE] Come & ‘PARTY BABY’! B.A.P Rocked It Out With Energetic Performances”

For the final stop of their “PARTY BABY” World Tour, B.A.P landed in Singapore for a night of wonder and fun. Singapore was the first foreign country where B.A.P visited, and it was only apt that they wrapped things up here as their last destination for the “PARTY BABY” tour! B.A.P, which stands for Best Absolute Perfect, consists of 6 members; Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup & Zelo. They paid Singaporean BABYz a visit on a cool Friday evening and turned the night into an everlasting memory for their Singapore fans!

Renowned DJ B.SHOO Hyped Up the Crowd
It was a pleasant surprise when the opening act kicked started by none other than DJ B.SHOO, who worked his magic on the turntables. A particular remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” had everyone singing along. In addition to the heavy bass beats thumping rhythmically, the flickering strobe lights gave the entire venue a club feel.

Fans held up their Matoki lightsticks, which resulted in a sea of bright green filling up the theatre. What a sight to behold! DJ B.SHOO, despite being the opening act, managed to mesmerise everyone in the hall. He encouraged everyone to warm up to the songs, carefully building up the hype before B.A.P’s performance started.

All of a sudden, a countdown timer appeared on the huge screen, which made everyone excited. From the moment the timer started counting down from ten, the audience followed suit, till zero. There was a lull, as fans await the arrival of their favourite boys!


Nothing Like Your All-time Favourites!
The moment B.A.P appeared on stage, the audience let out collective screams from where they were seated. It had been a year since the six members last came to Singapore, so there was no wonder why the crowd went wild when they finally revealed themselves. A remix of “Hurricane” had everyone going crazy. It was a joy to hear a familiar song being remade into a new version of itself. In addition to “Hurricane”, B.A.P also performed songs such as “SKYDIVE”, “1004(ANGEL)” and “WAKE ME UP”.

Most of the songs were remixed by the amazing DJ on the spot, re-creating each one of them such that they were more bass-heavy, but at the same time, pleasant to the ears. Staying true to its “party” theme, the vibe during the entirety of the concert had everyone wishing they could be on their feet while B.A.P’s performing as majority of the songs performed leaned towards techno and dance. Who wouldn’t want to sing and dance along right?

Of course, when the boys finally performed “NO MERCY”, a wave of screams rocked the hall. BABYz had their whistles ready for that particular act. If the audience were standing, there would be no doubt that the theatre would be riddled with foot stomps!

Aside from the all-time favourites, the boys of B.A.P also performed their respective solos. Jongup captivated fans with his sexy dance moves and mellow voice for “Try My Luck”. Zelo charmed his way through with his husky voice, singing an original song in English, titled “Shine”. “SHADOW” was performed by Daehyun, impressing everyone with his wide vocal range with cheers erupting every once in a while when he pulled off his high notes. Wow indeed! Youngjae, too, stunned the crowd with “Lie”, a laidback R&B number which had fans swooning in their seats! We also had Himchan and the dancers performing “S.N.S” in suits, looking dapper throughout.


Together As One With Fans
B.A.P were really happy during intervals in between performances, chatting and asking fans whether they enjoyed the show. The boys showed off their Singlish skills with Youngjae saying he felt so “shiok” (satisfied and happy) that night, while Himchan kept repeating “Alamak!” (Oh no!) endlessly. Weirdly enough, it sounded funnier each time Himchan repeated the word, and soon, the hall was filled with uncontrollable laughter. A surprise attack came next in the form of Himchan calling BABYz handsome and beautiful!

Next, a fan was chosen and brought up on stage at the behest of Himchan. According to Himchan, she belonged into the “sexy” category as she had the same hairstyle as Yongguk! The lucky fan was equally as hilarious and entertaining as the rest of the boys, being able to keep up with them as she understood and could speak a little bit of Korean.

They both had a glass of soda in hand when Daehyun asked her who her favourite member in B.A.P was… and it was Zelo! Poor Daehyun was shocked, while everyone else laughed at his misery, when all of a sudden Zelo appeared from backstage and gave the lucky fan a hug! Soda spilled as the fan leaned over to hug a tall and lanky Zelo and squeals of envy could be heard in the audience. Even after Daehyun asked the fan who her second favourite member was, it was still not him but Jongup! Despite not being up onstage as he was preparing for the next act, Jongup also appeared to give the lucky fan a big hug, which resulted in another round of envious squealing from fans in their seats.


From the night’s show, it was evident that they truly love their fans, with sincerity and enthusiasm overflowing on stage. The show ended after they serenaded BABYz with a song called “B.A.B.Y”, which touched everyone’s hearts. It was a lovely experience, for both B.A.P and BABYz, as the boys officially ended their “PARTY BABY” tour on a high note!

We would like to thank IME Productions for giving us the opportunity for media coverage of the event. We look forward to seeing the six charismatic and talented men again here in Singapore! 🙂


Photo credit: IME Group Pte. Ltd. & TS Entertainment





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