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“[SINGAPORE] CNBLUE Unleashed Their Inner Rockstar During ‘BETWEEN US’ Tour in Singapore”

On a night where excitement and anticipation arose for CNBLUE’s return to the shores of Singapore, the pop rock band went leaps and bounds above expectations with a powerful performance as they illustriously lived up to their Code Name – Burning, Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional.

As the lights came to a dim, a sea of cerulean blue came into sight as the crowd frantically chanted for ‘CODE NAME BLUE’ to get the concert under way. After a host of VCRs, the show was finally set in motion as the members started appearing in succession to the tunes of ‘Radio’, erupting fans into a state of frenzy.

It was quite a sight to behold as CNBLUE conspicuously elevated the screaming crowd to the falsetto choruses of ‘When I Was Young’, followed by the electrical synths of ‘Domino’, aptly showcasing Yonghwa’s musical flair in handling different instruments, apart from his customary guitar.

Ensuing that, CNBLUE picked up the pace and built on the fiery momentum as they performed their more upbeat songs, ‘I’m Sorry’, and ‘Can’t Stop’. In that moment, the concert was in its heyday as the crowd continuously jumped to the gush of guitar riffs with Jonghyun, Jungshin, and Yonghwa while Minhyuk was passionately banging the drums at the back competing with his fellow guitarists who were all fiercely strutting their stuff.

The boys showed no signs of slowing down with ‘It’s You’ and ‘Love Girl’, notably incorporating a portion of their older songs to the beginning of the setlist for the fans to sing in reminiscence with ‘Sweet Holiday’, ‘Love’, and ‘Lie’ following right after.

Switching to a more laidback concept, the members performed ‘Blind Love’, ‘Royal Rumble’, and ‘In My Head’ as the fans slowly got a grip of themselves from all the voracious cheering in the prior performances. That didn’t last for long as Yonghwa once again drove everyone past the point of delirium when he jumped off the stage while performing ‘You’re So Fine’, showing a clear indication that his charismatic mood was in full swing.

The band then moved on to perform a mix of both old and new installments as Yonghwa continued to bless the fans with his alluring strong vocals leaving them smitten through the whole spectacle. They concluded with the hit song from their latest album, ‘Between Us’, to which BOICEs distressingly waved the boys goodbye. Or so they thought.

As BOICEs consolidated by screaming for an encore, CNBLUE granted their wish when they reappeared on stage with ‘Catch Me’, much to the delight of the enthused crowd.

The boys progressed to the front of the platform to get up close and personal with fans for an acoustic performance, as everyone was finally able to get a closer look at Minhyuk who was periodically drumming behind most of the time.

Time flew a little bit too fast during the heartfelt segment as the crowd serenaded along harmoniously to ‘Manito’, a warm and melodic track which CNBLUE dedicated to BOICEs. After which, Yonghwa casually picked up a rose from the floor rallying the pack of crowd to resounding cheers as the night soon draws to its conclusion.

All good things come to an end, and so did the concert as CNBLUE staged their last song for the night, ‘Young Forever’ for a fittingly beautiful finish. The fans waved the boys farewell with a heavy heart as Jonghyun, Jungshin, Minhyuk and Yonghwa all bowed in unison to express their appreciation to the fans for turning up before bidding their final adieu.

While most K-pop concerts have a sense of coordination in how they run the show, CNBLUE manifested themselves with an approach full of bravado that broke the norm.

They presented a stellar live display worthy of Korea’s finest rock stars who showcased their innate ability to candidly inspire the crowd with solely their music, entrancingly fused with their spontaneous personalities.

It’s no wonder that they are still able to stay relevant across the industry despite being a group that has been around for 8 years since their debut. Time after time, they leave the fans hungry for more and this concert was indisputably no different as we eagerly await their next appearance in Singapore as part of the KBS Music Bank World Tour.

We would like to extend our thanks to IME Singapore and Three Angles Production for an invite to the event!
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