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“[SINGAPORE] CNBLUE Celebrates an Early Valentine’s Day With Their Fans”


To the immense delight of fans island-wide, CNBLUE dropped by last Saturday to to put on a jaw-dropping performance for their Singaporean leg of ‘Come Togethertour.  Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Jung Yong Hwa, lead guitarist and vocalist Lee Jong Hyun, bassist Lee Jung Shin and drummer Kang Min Hyuk, the talented quartet performed a total of 21 songs at Singapore Indoor Stadium, all within a period of two hours.

Suffice to say, it was a concert not to be missed! A VCR played on the big screens before the concert started, in which CNBLUE spoke about CNBLUE Schools where meals and daycare services are given to students enrolled into these schools. The band members have contributed funds to the schools set up in Burkina Faso and the Philippines in a bid to provide help to the needy. It warmed the hearts of BOICEs (CNBLUE’s official fanclub name) to see that these boys are doing what they can to improve the lives of others.

Lights and Sounds

A kaleidoscope of colours greeted fans in the stadium as soon as the concert started and CNBLUE kicked off the show with ‘Domino’! The entire venue lit up with a gorgeous blue colour as the audience put their lightsticks up in the air to welcome the charming men onstage. Even the most stoic of audience members could be seen bobbing their heads along to the beat of the song. The stage lighting was unbelievably amazing; the red lights surrounding the edges of the stage and the glow of the blue light sticks created a beautiful contrast and was a sight to remember.


The band performed ‘Hide and Seek’ next, a number just as energetic as their previous song. It is no wonder why these boys are popular with fans worldwide; and it can be seen from the fans continuously singing along to the lyrics of the songs and waving their hands up in the air. The next song was fan favourite and CNBLUE’s debut song ‘I’m A Loner’ which had people cheering in glee as the funky rhythm got them all pumped up!

CNBLUE members test out their Singlish

The members took a break from performing to introduce themselves one by one. It was sweet how they tried to connect with the Singaporean fans by talking in English. Even more impressive was when they incorporated a bit of Singlish into their speech, which both delighted and amused fans at the same time.


Min Hyuk asked the fans whether they were excited for more. He suddenly asked, “Sure, boh?”, which confused the audience at first. After repeating the phrase a few times, everyone finally realised that he was trying to communicate with fans using Singlish. Apparently, he was trying to get confirmation from the fans regarding their excitement.

The other members of CNBLUE all began to imitate him, especially Yong Hwa who was the most energetic of all. He had also taken time to learn a bit of Singlish, himself. “Wa ka li gong! (Let me tell you!)” Yong Hwa blurted out, “This will be your best night for 2016!”


The band carried on with ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Footsteps’ and ‘Love’, performing for their passionate fans. After the performance of ‘Love’, Min Hyuk told the other members that “Sure, boh?” is a Singaporean slang for “Jinjja (진짜)?”, which means, “Really?” in Korean. Yong Hwa then confessed that he learnt Singlish specially for Singaporean BOICEs and told everyone to repeat after him as he said “Jinjja?”, to which everyone followed along enthusiastically.

No Valentine? No Problem!

CNBLUE followed up with the songs ‘Roller Coaster’, ‘Coffee Shop’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Lady’ shortly after.

Of course, they had to give their talented hands another break after all that playing and interacted with the audience once more. This time, Jung Shin told everyone about the little shopping trip he had made to Orchard Road the day before, and that he had bought a ring. He then suavely said that the ladies and gentlemen in Singapore are beautiful, melting the hearts of fans in the venue.


Min Hyuk said that he knew that the day after the concert was Valentine’s Day and asked whether the fans were single. After hearing a chorus of “Yes!” from most of the people there, he assured everyone that it was alright not to have a Valentine. They can simply celebrate the event with their parents instead. Advice duly noted, Min Hyuk!

The members then continued performing more songs after their little chat with their fans, with ‘Irony’ and ‘Stay Sober’ sung fully in English. ‘Irony’ in particular, showcased Jong Hyun‘s smooth and rich vocals for a change.


The concert would not have been complete without a rendition of ‘Cinderella’, which was the song the band had recently made a comeback with. Finally, the sweetest song of the night was definitely ‘Hold My Hand’, a song which Yong Hwa said was a gift to BOICEs for coming down to see CNBLUE perform.

CNBLUE then went to each extended stage to bow and show their thanks to fans. They also got a photographer to capture a picture of them with their fans before officially saying goodbye to everyone. It was a night full of laughter, fun and amazing music shared by CNBLUE. The boys had expressed their wish to come to Singapore again, and we certainly hope they do!

Many thanks to ONE Production for providing us with media accreditation to cover this event!


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