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“[SINGAPORE] Check out Akdong Musician’s must have items for overseas schedules & plans for 2017!”

Dubbed as the nation’s siblings in Korea, Akdong Musician was in Singapore this week for their first ever showcase “Akmu Studio in Singapore” at the Kallang Theatre. The duo which consist of siblings Lee Suhyun and Lee Chanhyuk sat down together with The Seoul Story before the showcase for an exclusive interview. They shared with the team some fun trivia about themselves as well as their goals and plans which they have for 2017.


The Seoul Story: What is the hardest thing about composing your own songs for your albums?
A: There is nothing hard for us. It is very comfortable because we can make our albums with our own thoughts and music. YGE respects us so we could make our album freely.


The Seoul Story: What do you do when you get stuck while creating new music?
A: We just play, travel or hang out. It is not good to force something out of it if you are stuck. We will wait until we can get inspiration because we cannot make good music when we are not in comfortable and happy mood.


The Seoul Story: What are some aspects of Akdong Musician that fans might not know that you can share with us?
A: Maybe nothing at all? People have seen us on television since we were young so we don’t have anything to hide or act so as what you have seen from us would be our true selves.


The Seoul Story: If you could be each other for a day what would you like to do?
Chanhyuk: I would use all my money to buy a lot of gifts for my pretty little sister.
Suhyun: I would like to sing “Love on Top.”

The Seoul Story: Where do you see Akdong Musician 5 years from now?
A: It would be the same. But I hope we could release 5 albums and I wish we would be together with good music and good people.

The Seoul Story: If you were on Kpop Star again, would you pick the same song to sing during audition or a new choice and why?
Chanhyuk: No. I wish I could have done more genres and not the same songs basically. Because during the audition everyone thought we were the acoustic kind of group so ever since Kpop Star whenever Akdong Musician releases an album the public will think it will be an acoustic one and it has been very difficult for us to perform other genres. It could have been better if we were performing different variety of genres on Kpop Star so that we can do different genres right now with more ease.


The Seoul Story
: If you could film any CF of your choice, what would it be and why?
Suhyun: Since our image is cute and fresh like the young, we want to film a CF wearing funny animal hats but I think we would like to film an ice-cream where it will suit our image.

The Seoul Story:
What are 5 must-have items in your bag when you go for schedules?
Chanhyuk: Glasses on my face and insoles between the shoes to make myself taller. These are the two most important items for me when I go abroad. Apart from that, I don’t think I have top five items but if I want to add on more I would have to mention that I bring a lot of clothes and as well as a lot of skin products for my beautiful skin *laughs.


The Seoul Story: Last but not least, please share with us your plans for 2017.
Suhyun: For us, our priority on our mind right now is Puberty Part 2. We also hope to do more performances in Korea in 2017 as well!

Puberty Part.2 which is the second half of their full album “AKMU Puberty” will be released on 3rd January 2017.   It is a follow up from their earlier album Puberty Part.1 where dual title tracks such as “RE-BYE” and “How People Move” have been a hit on the Korean music charts.

We would like to thank IME Asia Singapore & Three Angles Production for giving us the opportunity to interview Akdong Musician! Check out our Facebook Page for more HQ photos of Akdong Musician during their interview! 🙂



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