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“[SINGAPORE] BTS ‘The Red Bullet’ Fan Signing and High-5 Event”


It has no doubt been a huge year for the boys of BTS, short for Bangtan Boys. After sweeping up numerous new artiste awards in 2013, the 7-member boy group have released album after album at a tireless pace in 2014, and even embarked on their first series of international concerts, titled ‘BTS Live Trilogy Episode ll’, which included a Singapore leg which would be held on the 13th of December.


A day before the concert, the members, consisting of leader Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and youngest Jungkook, held an exclusive fan-signing and high-five event for local fans. Crowds of ARMYs thronged the venue, with some even arriving to queue early in the morning, hoping to be the first few in line and to catch a glimpse of the boys.

Countless hours of waiting under the sweltering heat finally paid off when the BTS members arrived at the venue to greet the fans.

The Seoul Story will bring you three main highlights of the event:

Arrival at Shaw House


Dressed in pristine white outfits, the boys arrived at the Shaw House Urban Plaza, albeit a little late due to traffic conditions. The crowd went wild, welcoming the boys with loud hollers and cheers. Leader Rap Monster addressed the fans in fluent English and gave sincere thanks to the crowd for waiting patiently.

Fan Signing Session


When the boys took their seats, 100 lucky fans were invited onstage to get their “Dark and Wild” albums autographed by BTS. The best part of the fan signing was no doubt the fact that the fan’s names could be personally written on their albums by the members. The boys enthusiastically greeted the fans, and the crowd sang along passionately to the music that was blasted over the speakers.

High-5 Event


Immediately after the fan signing session, concert VVIP ticket holders had the chance to go up onstage to give the members a high five! Many of the fans had brought along colourful cheering gear and donned outfits emblazoned with the members’ names, which put happy smiles on the boys’ faces. It was certainly a dream come true for the fans who managed to not only see their favourite idols in action, but had also gotten an opportunity to interact with them during the fan signing and high-5 session.


The event soon came to a close. Rap Monster wrapped things up by giving another short speech, and mentioned their concert that would be commencing the next day. Despite the heat and the long wait, the fans were able to go home with unforgettable and wonderful memories with BTS.


The Seoul Story would like to thank Three Angles Production for the opportunity to cover this event. We would also like to wish the BTS boys all the best for their remaining concerts!

Written by: Thengshuen Tay


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