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“[SINGAPORE] BTOB’s ‘I Mean’ Fanmeet WOWs fans at Marina Bay Sands”


Last Friday, BTOB (Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Sungjae, Ilhoon, Peniel, Changsub and Hyunsik) made their long-awaited appearance at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to greet their fans in Singapore! BTOB was one of the highly anticipated K-pop acts performing that weekend as part for SGKStar 2015, a three-day festival showcasing the best of Korean beauty, culture and the arts. The boys were the first out of 5 groups to perform, kicking off the festivities on 4 December.

Fun and games

The concert opened with BTOB performing ‘WOW’, the title track from their second mini-album. The cheers from the crowd were deafening and the upbeat melody got everyone so hyped up, remnants of buzzing energy could still be felt in the audience even after the boys ended their performance.


Hosts Chris and Dee Kosh initiated the first ment and led the boys into a round of member introductions. It was obvious from the mega-watt smiles on their handsome faces that the boys were really happy to be here, and the way BTOB chatted amongst themselves and to the audience about how much they missed Singapore and local Melodies was certainly a nice touch. Eunkwang even adorably replied “Very, very of course!” when asked about whether he missed Singapore. Ilhoon hilariously pretended to cry as he reminisced dreaming about Singapore, resulting in scatters of laughter from the Melodies in the crowd.

After the little chat, the boys played a little game with everyone. The members had to cover their faces with fans and give their best shot to reveal facial expressions according to the hosts’ description. It was a hilarious moment in which BTOB members duked it out in order to gain the most cheers from the audience. Eunkwang was definitely the most competitive, and it seemed like he was going to win every round until Sungjae came out of nowhere and snatched the win for making the best facial expression as a girl!


The game ended all too soon, but BTOB then performed ‘It’s Okay’, moving the hearts of everyone in the hall with their sweet voices.

Fulfilling lucky fans’ wishes

The second round of activites started with the boys having to pick out a post-it note from a box each. The notes contained the requests of Melodies, as well as their seat numbers. Sungjae suddenly sang DAY6’s ‘Congratulations’ when one fan was invited up onstage, eliciting little shrieks of recognition from the audience. Of course, he just had to be a little tease and sang only a short part of the chorus!


The boys of BTOB then proceeded to fulfill the requests of the lucky Melodies onstage, mostly taking photos with the fans or hugging them tightly. Groans of resignation mixed with jeers reeking of jealousy could be heard from the crowd when a fan who requested a hug from two BTOB members ended up getting enveloped into a big giant hug by all the members!

“When I say B-TO, you say B!” 

BTOB also performed renditions of other hit tracks, namely ‘Way Back Home’, ‘Beep Beep’, ‘2nd Confession’, ‘Insane’ and ‘Thriller’. The boys threw roses and bear plushies to the audience during one of the songs, which resulted in a frenzy as fans scrambled to grab a souvenir from their beloved idols! Peniel also asked everyone for a favour, asking them to wish his nephew “Happy Birthday”. Touched by his gesture, the audience raised their voices in unison and enthusiastically wished the little boy “Happy Birthday”.


There was a sudden lull when BTOB suddenly bade everyone goodbye, but the crowd knew better and started shouting for an encore, hoping for the boys to come back up onstage!

Everyone erupted into cheers as BTOB appeared on the stage once again, getting the audience hyped up with ‘Shake It’! It was no doubt the highlight of the night, and it could be seen from the way Melodies went crazy in their seats. Security had to jump in when fans swarmed out of their seats and towards the stage to have fun with the boys. It was the last song of the night, and it seemed like fans were not going to let it slip away easily by staying in their seats!


Having so much fun could make minutes seem like seconds, and BTOB soon had to bid their fans farewell. It was a great night filled with joy and laughter for both Melodies and the band alike. We hope that the amazing and talented boys will return to Singapore again; with their stage presence and ability to interact so well with their fans, they will certainly be welcomed back with open arms.

The Seoul Story would like to thank Three Angles Production for the opportunity to cover the event 🙂



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