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“[SINGAPORE] BEAST’s Fan Meet in Singapore is Anything But ‘Ordinary’”


24 September, 2015 – BEAST opened to rousing cheers as fans in Singapore warmly welcomed them back to our sunny shores after a long hiatus of three years. The fanmeet kicked off with the members performing ‘YeY’, ‘Good Luck’ and ’12:30′, as their ardent fans jammed along and waved their grey rose lightsticks excitedly. You could definitely tell that they were glad to see members of BEAST; Doojun, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang and Dongwoon!


After the members introduced themselves, fans quickly settled down during the short interview session with BEAST as the boys were tested on how well the members knew Singapore! The members immediately turned to the fans each time they were stumped by the quiz and the enthusiastic fans helped the boys answer the questions correctly. It was highly interactive as fans enthusiastically shouted the correct answers to their favourite members. ‘On Rainy Days’, ‘Fiction’, and ‘Special’ were the next three songs to be performed, and BEAST entranced the fans with their impeccable harmony and dance moves.

The next segment was certainly what the fans had been waiting for, judging from the loud cheers and hollers that preceded it. The emcees chose 6 lucky fans to come on stage to join their favourite member during the game segment. It was a blissful 20 minutes for these lucky girls as they got to interact up close and personal with BEAST as the boys tried to guess the title of the local songs that were played to them. It was especially tricky for Doojun and Kikwang as the fans they got paired up with were not from Singapore. Doojun, memorably, protested strongly and exclaimed “She’s from Hong Kong!! Hong Kong!! How will she know!?” which drew much laughter from the crowd. Kikwang went for a more subdued approach and asked the organisers to play a Malaysian song instead.


Finally, the fan meet drew to a close as BEAST performed the last two songs ‘Shock’ and ‘Shadow’. The members then thanked the fans who had patiently waited for them to come back after all these years. Junhyung delivered his speech fully in English, although not perfect it was truly a commendable act of sincerity for him to go the extra mile and make sure fans could understand what he said.


The dying minutes of the fan meet concluded with BEAST returning to the stage for an encore. The chosen song was the upbeat and funky ‘Beautiful Night‘, ending off an extra ‘Ordinary’ night for BEAST and their fans.

We would like to extend a big Thank You to Three Angles Production for organizing this event and for extending media invites to The Seoul Story :) Visit our Facebook page for the full photo album!


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