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“[SINGAPORE] Apink Spreads Their ‘LUV’ At The Pink Aurora Tour”

After a successful wrap-up of their ‘Pink Memory Day’ in Singapore which was held just last April, Apink returned with ‘Pink Aurora Tour’ a few weeks back. Their Pink Aurora Tour marks their comeback after a year with a third full length album titled ‘Pink Revolution’. The girls were certainly full of energy and excitement as they prepared for this showcase for their Singaporean fans!

The showcase kicked off with their hit song ‘Only One’ which topped seven of the Korean music charts the moment it was released within a few hours. Cheers erupted in the theatre as the six girls came out on stage to perform their title track. After the performance, Apink stepped forward with their greetings where Hayoung said it has been quite some time since they have last been to Singapore and hoped to have a good time with fans and Eunji even thanked them for coming down to their showcase despite the torrential rain.

Not wanting to delay any further, the girls immediately introduced the next song ‘Remember’ which was a catchy and upbeat melody where many fans were seen bobbing their heads to the tune. The atmosphere heightened with ‘Boom Pow Love’ which was also from their album tracks released this year.

‘Dejavu’ was up next, a special track composed by Chorong herself and fans surprised the girls with their fan support project by waving paper messages which showed ‘Apink is our everyday’ in Korean during the song ‘Sunday Monday’. Definitely a perfect way to show their appreciation and love to the girls just like how the lyrics in the song talks about someone who thinks about their love every day.

Apink also prepared a special segment for fans to be able to interact and get to know the girls better. Naeun and Bomi were the emcees for this where Apink chose the questions they liked from their fans. Lucky fans whose questions were chosen went home with Apink’s photobooks as prizes.

One of the highlights from this segment was that Namjoo confessed she had come down to Singapore for a vacation prior to the showcase and she managed to try many local delights such as kaya toast, chilli crab and even the famous Singapore Sling as well!

The members also gifted fans with a special video produced by themselves which featured their preparation for the Pink Aurora Tour in Singapore counting from Day 100 to the final day of the showcase. Fans also had the opportunity to interact with Apink to learn the choreography for tracks like ‘Mr Chu’ and ‘No No No’ where the members encouraged those in the audience to stand up and dance together with them.

As soon as the audience were familiarised with the choreography for these songs, the girls had a change of outfits and performed the hot favourites ‘Mr Chu’ followed by ‘No No No’ with loud fanchants heard throughout.

The fun had only just begun where fans were in for a treat as Apink kicked off the ‘Panda Bingo Game’. The members were split into two different teams and each team had to pick a lucky fan who had the biggest foot. It was certainly a pleasant surprise for the fans to see the girls personally coming down from the stage to participate in the selection.

The audience erupted into laughter as the two different teams had to compete with one another for the lemon challenge where it was Eunji vs Naeun. They had to blow a whistle after eating a lemon and even though Naeun had finished her lemon first, she failed the challenge as she struggled to do so.

Drawing the showcase to a close, the girls performed to ‘LUV’ and towards the end of the song, pink heart shape balloons streamed down from above and Pink Pandas raised their banner project which was titled, ‘Forever Our Luv’ for the girls.

It was almost time to bid farewell to Apink not before the audience started cheering for an encore and the members came back out to perform the final song of the night ‘The Wave’ where it became sentimental as the girls expressed their thoughts and feelings to their fans.

It was truly a memorable night for both Apink and Pink Pandas where precious memories were created once again that would surely serve as an event not to be forgotten!

The Seoul Story would like to thank Three Angles Production for allowing us media coverage for this event! Check out more HQ photos from us at our Facebook page! 🙂



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