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“[SINGAPORE] Apink Pink Paradise Live in Singapore”

Pink Pandas in Singapore have something to be proud of, as girl group Apink chose our sunny island to be the destination for their first full solo concert out of Seoul! The opening concerts for ‘Pink Paradise’ were held earlier this year in Seoul on 30 and 31 January. Renowned for their pure and refreshing concept, Apink’s concert was definitely something out of a fairy tale. Supported by a live band, the Max Pavilion at EXPO that night was undeniably transformed into a pink paradise.


Their opening song “I Don’t’ Know” was met by the rousing cheers of excited fans and the excitement carried on throughout the first medley consisting of two other songs “Good Morning Baby” and “Mr Chu”. This concert proved that Apink were more than 6 pretty faces, as they have quality singing and dancing skills to boot.


All members got a chance to shine during their individual solo stages. One highlight was certainly member Eunji’s solo stage. Despite the minor hiccup with the sound system, Eunji handled the situation like a professional and delivered a resounding performance of Beyonce’s “Listen”.


As the concert drew to a close, both Apink and fans alike did not want the concert to end. The members shared their feelings to fans in English about having their first solo concert out of Seoul and were very surprised by the reception they received. As English is not their native language, it is something that is highly commendable as they delivered their closing thoughts in flawless English. Bomi stole the limelight for a while when she took out a small piece of paper and said she actually penned her thoughts she wanted to share with fans, in English nonetheless!

The concert ended on a high with Apink taking a wefie with all fans before singing “April 19th”, which is a song written by their leader, Chorong to commemorate the day of their debut back in 2011. The six springs of Apink clearly evoked many emotions that night with Bomi tearing at the end, and fans earnestly cheering them on.


The Seoul Story is proud of to be part of the media for Apink’s Pink Paradise in Singapore organised by Three Angles Production.

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