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“[SINGAPORE] A “VARIETY” Of Charms Greet Fans At Lee Jong Suk’s 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore!”

The month of November brings with it one of South Korean’s trending heartthrobs, Lee Jong Suk, to Singapore! He had starred in popular television dramas such as “Doctor Stranger”, “Pinocchio”, and very recently, “W – Two Worlds”. His first ever fan meeting in Asia, “VARIETY”, is a platform in which fans would get the opportunity to interact with Lee Jong Suk in person!


Of lovingly prepared videos and toothy smiles

There were quite a number of videos already prepared for the fans. Scenes of him preparing for his schedules for the day made fans coo and shriek in excitement. It was in one of the videos that his poodle was introduced. Lee Jong Suk said that he named his beloved pet “Lion” because it reminded him of a lion cub.

The actor also confessed that he does not really like meeting fans outside of his schedule because of the fact that fans will see him unshaven and sporting a beard. It seems like fans did not really mind bumping into him in such a state, as seen from the number of people vehemently shaking their heads at his declaration.

He got the audience melting in their seats when the host told him to wink. And it was not only one wink, but the fans were attacked by an onslaught of winks from no one other than Lee Jong Suk. His big white smile, paired along with killer winks from the man himself, undeniably set everyone’s hearts on fire.

Recently, he has been eating tofu, sweet potato and chicken breast. Upon being asked why he is eating really healthily, Jong Suk admitted that a movie director had told him to lose weight and is now just trying his best to control his appetite.


On filming “W – Two Worlds”

The unique storyline was what influenced the actor to star in the drama. He found himself attracted to a scene in “W” where Han Hyo Joo’s character tried to slap him in order to get back to her world. And when nothing changed, she then decided that she had to kiss his character. That was what took the cake. It was something fresh to Lee Jong Suk in the realm of drama.

Even though he felt like he had a lot to show during the filming of the drama, Lee Jong Suk spilled that mistakes were still inevitable. However, he made sure that his and his partner’s safety was prioritised during the action-packed scenes. As someone who is not partial to exercising, he could safely say that he prefers filming love scenes to filming action scenes!

He also warmed the hearts of fans by professing that he was glad to see fans face-to-face, and that it felt amazing to be in Singapore.


Games Galore

The first game had Lee Jong Suk piecing together the different parts of an animated woman’s face onscreen with the help of the audience. Supposedly, the completed face at the end would be the face of his ideal type for that day! Fans could not stop laughing as the face of the two dimensional woman on the screen was simply too cartoonised to resemble any human in real life. Cameras panned to the crowd in search of a fan who resembled actor’s ideal woman for the night.

It all boiled down to only three competitors for the title of Lee Jong Suk‘s “Ideal Type for the Night”, till two were eliminated in the end. The last lady remaining was invited up onstage, where her prince charming ushered her to a chair before serenading her with his warm voice.

Three lucky fans were invited up onstage for the next game; their seat numbers being the ones chosen during a lucky draw beforehand. In this game, fans were supposed to choose a numbered card out of the five shown on the big screen. Each card shows the activity which each fan will get to do with Jong Suk.

The first lucky fan won a back hug. While the audience looked on in envy, our charming actor went up to the fortunate lady and hugged her from behind. The way his arms wrapped comfortably around her neck made the crowd whine in jealousy.

The next fan won the opportunity to take a “selfie” with Lee Jong Suk, while the third one received a thirty seconds long massage from said actor. There were titters in the audience as fans imagined being on the receiving end of the massage.

All of the fans then walked away with gifts specially prepared by the man of the hour. Alas, the show had to come to an end. Lee Jong Suk wrapped it up with one last song for everyone at the venue. It is a soundtrack from one of the dramas he had starred in, “Pinocchio”!

We would like to thank IME Production for granting us the opportunity to cover this event. We hope to see Lee Jong Suk again in the future!


Photos credits to: YG Entertainment



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