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“[SINGAPORE] 3 Reasons Why G-Dragon’s ‘Act III: M.O.T.T.E’ was a “One of A Kind” Experience”

Big Bang’s leader, fashionista or King of K-pop – there are too many designations for G-Dragon, but we all know how influential and incredible he is. On June 24 and 25, he presented a two-day concert for his ‘ACT III: M.O.T.T.E’ World Tour at Singapore Indoor Stadium, spoiling VIPs with an invigorating novel experience than ever before.

There are many reasons as to why G-Dragon is such an inspiring and iconic figure but here are three reasons how ‘M.O.T.T.E’ has marked a “One of a Kind” experience for us.

1. Stage presence
If anything, G-Dragon has an extraordinary stage presence that will leave your jaw agape whenever he takes the stage. Donned in fiery red from head to toe, he kick-started the concert with ‘Heartbreaker’, a nostalgic 2009 classic, taking things to an all-time high with the memorable grand entrance.

He then revisited his humble past with ‘A Boy’, without forgetting to remind fans that he is actually still a boy at heart, despite his experience and accomplishments. It was also commendable how he even took care of the other minute details to paint the concert as an aesthetic masterpiece, with the ingenious and playful usage of the stage lights and video snippets on the screen. An extravagant artistic spectacle, the lights dimmed and flashed in sync with the brash electronic beats that filled the entire concert venue.

2. Impressive & Versatile Musicality
The concert was split into three different acts, but it solely revolved around the second segment ‘Act II: G-Dragon vs Kwon Ji Yong’. G-Dragon confessed that he often found himself torn in between his different personas on and off stage. Yet, he knows how to play the duality of identities to his advantage by experimenting with a spate of genres. Though he debuted as a rapper, G-Dragon has an exceptional catalog of different genres throughout the years, such as mid-tempo acoustic ‘That XX’ and ‘Crayon’, an upbeat hip-hop track. Seamlessly weaving his personalities into his music, it’s no wonder why he’s so respected by so many celebrities and fans globally.

During the concert, he shared that his latest eponymous album, ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ was a “personal project” that he had devoted his heart and soul into. Still, he was worried that his fans might not understand his sentiments and what he wanted to convey through the album. Bashfully, he confessed, “I wish I can be someone that still shines even without these shiny things on. I’ve been living as G-Dragon until now, but now I want to live as Kwon Ji Yong.”

3. Heartwarming fan-service
Besides his stage presence and excellent discography, G-Dragon’s fan service also surpasses expectations. Although he struggled to converse in English, he tried his best to connect with his fervently screaming fans.

He chimed, “Even though we live in different countries, I believe that we are always connected, like an USB.”

A video interview was also flashed on the screen during Act II, where G-Dragon’s family, friends and colleagues were asked “Who is G-Dragon to you?”. Some of those interviewed include his family, Taeyang, CL and PSY. Their responses shed light on G-Dragon’s true self and mannerisms – he was just a boy who started out with nothing, but worked hard enough to become a respected artist and eventually paved the way for K-pop to break into the international scene.


Nevertheless, the superstar still fell back on his roots and expressed his gratitude to those who have stayed by him. Mama and Papa Kwon were also present on the second day and during his closing remarks, G-Dragon gave a special shout-out to his parents, his “boys”, Big Bang and most importantly to VIPs, who avidly cheered him on amidst the iridescent yellow ocean.

He also shared that things haven’t been smooth-sailing and assured VIPs that the familial bonds they shared would continue to stay strong if they stayed on with him and Big Bang. The concert then came to a lilting end with ‘Crooked’ and lastly, ‘Untitled, 2014’.

Though this was probably his last stop Singapore before leaving for the military, ‘M.O.T.T.E’ was a novel “One of a Kind” experience and we wish G-Dragon all the best for his future endeavors! VIPs will always be here to watch you shine regardless. We would like to extend our gratitude to IME Singapore & Three Angles Production for granting us media coverage for the concert! 🙂

Photo Credit: IME Group Pte Ltd & Live Nation Korea




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