Shipping and Collection

1.  Mass Collection (Admiralty/Woodlands). Kindly note that it is to The Seoul Story Shop’s convenience and availability on the different locations. Mass text messages will be sent out before official collection date(s). Personal collection available upon individual requests via email at The Seoul Story Shop’s convenience.

2. Local Postage (Normal/Registered Postage).

  • Normal Postage: Additional ~SGD$6 (top-ups may incur depending on final weight).
  • Registered Postage [tracking number available]: Additional ~SGD$10 (top-ups may incur depending on final weight).

3. Any excess or top-ups required will be informed accordingly via email. This is especially so for overseas buyers where additional top-ups will be incurred once items are here for shipping to the designated country.

4. For overseas buyers, all orders and shipping fees will be calculated in SGD.

5. Only PayPal payment accepted for overseas buyers.