“[REVIEW] Unbox The Wonders of K-Pop With Inspire Me Korea”

Nothing sounds better than having exclusive K-pop related goodies sent to you without stepping out of the house! In this March 2017 subscription box edition, Inspire Me Korea showcased an array of popular Korean snacks and products for us to try!

The exterior of the box is aesthetically pleasing; its design using simple colors of white and blue makes it exceptionally attractive and eye-catching.

The first thing you see when you open the box is a magazine that includes worthy articles ranging from K-drama to famous Korean superstitions that are intriguing and thought provoking! Its content is well complemented with the products, which hypes up our anticipation to explore the rest of the box.

The first item that was included in the box is the famous White Cookie Pepero that is endorsed by phenomenal idol-group EXO. Putting that aside, the creamy and crunchy sticks is a snack that is widely raved in Korea, and its balance between white chocolate and cookie crumbs makes it a very appealing and convenient treat for us to nibble on anytime.

The next two treats definitely fulfilled my sweet-tooth cravings! Firstly, the chewy and flavored Rice Cake Cookie is unique in its taste. On the other hand, the Strawberry Pie had a soft texture and its fruity flavor was prominent, I devoured these two snacks in one shot, as they were THAT delicious.

As a fan of chewy gummies, the Peach flavored Secom Dalcom candy was my favorite item in the box. It brought back childhood memories, as I loved eating them as a kid! The taste of peach still lingers in your mouth after you swallow the gummy, leaving a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Speaking of Korean products, they have also included the Innisfree Rose Sheet mask that is extremely popular with many Korean beauty fanatics. It will be useful for days where you just want to wind down and relax after a long day of school or work!

The hero product of the KPOP box this month is none other than their very own KPOP shirt! It says “KPOP IS LIFE”, and its basic colors make it fashionable and easy to match with other pieces of clothing. Its soft material also makes it a comfortable item to wear!

If the above sounds enticing to you, you’ll love the April edition of the subscription box! Branded as the COOKING Box, the April edition will introduce you to Korean cuisine, food and cooking unlike you’ve ever seen before. Including many fascinating items including a traditional Korean cutlery set, jjajangmyeon dried instant noodles with black bean sauce, seasoned soybean paste, and many more!

To our special readers at The Seoul Story, Inspire Me Korea has kindly given us a discount code: THESEOULSTORY. This gives all our followers 15% off monthly subscription boxes (excluding prepaid subscriptions) and ALSO 15% off everything in the shop.

The joy of unboxing your very own Inspire Me Korea subscription box will be a journey of fun and happiness, equating to an unforgettable experience! Get your Inspire Me Korea April edition subscription box using this link:!

Interested in the March KPOP Box? Grab it here while quantities last! And don’t forget to subscribe now for future boxes – the next one is the May MOTIVATION box – Korean goodies to keep you productive, motivated and inspired, perfect for those who are suffering from exam stress or work deadlines or if you want to de-stress in general!

We would like to express our gratitude to Inspire Me Korea for  the March edition subscription box. B sure to keep updated via their: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! 🙂




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