“[INDONESIA] Running Man ‘Race Start Season 2’ in Jakarta Press Conference”


The Running Man members, comprising of Ji Sukjin, Kim Jongkook, Song Jihyo, Lee Kwangsoo and HaHa made their appearance yesterday at a press conference before having their fan meeting here in Jakarta.

Despite the fatigue after a long flight, the members still managed to bring laughter to the whole room with their jokes during the Q&A session.


The members greeted the room warmly with “Apa kabar?” (how are you) and revealed their excitement to be here once again to meet their Indonesian fans. Ji Sukjin mentioned that he likes Indonesia because the fans are very welcoming and pretty.

When asked if there are any celebrities they would like to add to the current team, Ji Sukjin stated that they never thought of anybody, however they would be glad if Song Joongki (former member) could join the team again.


The members promised that the show will be amazing, and HaHa jokingly said that Kim Jongkook will bare his chest, since he hasworked really hard to build his muscles, while Kim Jongkook answered that HaHa will take his pants off in the event, causing laughter to the whole room.

The Running Man members will meet their Indonesian fans on the 25th of October at Istora Senayan Jakarta! Don’t miss your chance to see them!

written by: Kerin

Photos by: Jessica


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