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“[PHILIPPINES] VIXX Brings Their Filipino Starlights to Utopia”


Last May 2 of 2015, the 6 boys of VIXX (N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk) didn’t fail to impress fans as they took them on an incredible journey to their Utopia. Proven to be the concept/story-telling idols, they seemed to be following a concrete storyline throughout their concert, which was truly fulfilled by their amazing talents and astonishing stage production.

The journey starts with dark outfits


As soon as VIXX’s tall figures appeared on stage, the fans started to scream at the top of their lungs to express how much they have waited for them. The boys handsomely wore their fashionable dark and sparkly suits as they sang their first song “On and On” which was immediately followed by “Voodoo Doll”. They didn’t miss the chance to make the venue even hotter by performing enigmatic songs like “Light Up the Darkness” and “Secret Night”.


VIXX excites fans with their solo performances

VIXX isn’t only remarkable as a group but each member also showed the crowd what they can do individually. Ken sang his rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Ravi rapped his own song “Ghost”, Hyuk with his cute delivery of Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine”, Leo performed his heartfelt ballad “Words to Say”, Hongbin showed his choreographed, screen interactive fighting sequence, and leader N moved to his popular blindfold dance.

Fan-service was taken to a whole new level

Their fanservice is undeniably entertaining as they took the audience in a roller coaster ride of emotions the whole night. From a video montage of the boys showing different human emotions with a twist (they were all in slow motion and includes the boys fake kissing each other), to their own talks, they never failed to make the audience scream in delight and excitement. But the probably most memorable ones are Leo’s impressive flip, Hyuk and Ravi’s “Bang Bang” showdown, Hongbin’s sexy hip thrusting, Ken’s impromptu song and who can forget N’s seductive and oh-so-sexy booty dance?

The boys keep the fans’ hearts beating for them as they closed the show

After they’ve performed an amount of their songs – including “Say You, Say Me”, “Rock Your Body”, “Love Letter”, “Hyde”, “Beautiful Killer”, “Eternity”, and “Error” – VIXX came back in their grey casual hoodies for their encore performances. They effortlessly turned the venue into an energetic party, turning everyone into a screaming and jumping mess. Even though almost 2 hours had passed, the boys remained smiling and happy as they sang their latest single “Love Equation”, “Today, You’re My Girl”, and their last song “GR8U”.

They never failed to show their fans how much they mean to them. Before they went down on stage, they have expressed their love and gratitude to everyone that has been supporting them all these time, making most the people in the venue burst into tears. The 6 boys promised the crowd a better VIXX by the time they come back to Manila to shine bright with their Starlights all over again.

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate and thank Pulp Live World for another successful concert as well as the opportunity to cover this event!


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