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“[PHILIPPINES] U-KISS and Laboum at KISPINOY Grand Launch”

UKISS and Laboum Invade the KISPINOY Grand Launch


KISPINOY officially opened their auditions last April 22, 2015 for the KPOP fans aspiring to be like one of their idols someday. KISPINOY is the biggest KPOP icon search to have existed in the Philippines so far and with that, they have invited 2 of the well-known KPOP groups to showcase their songs in the grand launch at the Mall of Asia Music Hall.

Laboum shows us how to party


The first one to perform was the girl group Laboum. The 6 girls appeared on-stage wearing colorful pajamas and started off with a funny and yet sweet track called ‘Sugar Sugar’ and was followed by the performance of their past single ‘What About You’.


They then stated how honored they were to be one of the 2 groups to represent the Korean Pop culture in the Philippines through KISPINOY.

Laboum continued on with their stage by singing their song ‘LaLi LaLaLa’ live for the very first time. The girls had to say goodbye but ended their appearance on a high note with a performance of their debut song ‘Pit A Pat’.

U-KISS energizes their Filipino KissMes once again

The U-KISS boys, minus Eli who was at a shooting in China then, handsomely appeared on stage in their white suits and huge smiles. It has been evident that how the boys became comfortable in the Philippines and their Filipino fans.

They even blurted out random Filipino phrases like ‘Kumusta kayo?’ (How are you?), ‘Mahal ko kayo.’ (I love you), and ‘Handa na ba kayo?’ (Are you all ready?). Even though the weather in Manila was really hot and humid, they didn’t fail to give the crowd their all when it comes to their performances and interactions.

The boys performed several songs like ‘Stop Girl’, ‘Someday’, ‘Smart Love’, ‘Neverland’, and ‘ManManHaNi’. With his fluency in English, Kevin acted out as the translator and MC for the 4 other members.

Before saying goodbye to the fans, U-KISS voiced out their happiness that a show like KISPINOY exists in the Philippines so that the Filipino KPOP community can showcase their talents but at the same time share their love for Korean music. The boys promised to see all of us again soon to judge at the show or even maybe see all of their KissMes again for a solo concert in Manila.

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate and thank KISPINOY and TV5 for the successful grand launch as well as the opportunity to cover this event! Until next time! 


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