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“[PHILIPPINES] The Wait Was Worth It For EXO’rDIUM Tour Stop In Manila”


A year after the success of their EXO’luXion tour, EXO finally came back to Manila for another jam packed two-nights concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last February 25th and 26th, 2017. Non-stop performances and heartwarming gestures were shown during the entire three hours of each show. While members Kai and Xiumin were unable to perform last year due to injuries, they made sure to dance as powerful as they can this time round. Unfortunately, member Lay was still missing as he had prior commitments in hand.

Dressed in black and red, the show started off with EXO’s charismatic hit performances such as their debut song ‘MAMA’, followed by remixes of ‘Monster’ and ‘Wolf’ wherein several members showcased their intricate dance moves. After greeting EXO-Ls (official fanclub name) and expressing how happy they were to be back in the country, the boys then switched to more sensual tracks as fans screamed for EXO’s oozing sexiness while dancing to ‘White Noise’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Playboy’, and ‘Artificial Love’. Following that, Chanyeol picked up his guitar and started off their acoustic session with ‘Call Me Baby’ as fans sang along leaving the boys feeling proud and impressed. The acoustic segment continued with ‘My Lady’, ‘My Turn To Cry’, ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Love, Love, Love’.

The boys then brought back uplifting beats with powerful performances of ‘Tender Love’ and ‘Love Me Right’ which made the crowd danced and jumped along to the songs while the boys moved around  holding their own lightsticks. Fans were then treated to a dance show as Sehun and Kai performed an interlude and main vocals Baekhyun, D.O, Chen, and Suho harmonised for their song ‘Stronger’. A very amusing and adorable video was shown thereafter, where the boys were dressed as elves before they gave out tons of fan-service while performing crowd favorites ‘Heaven’, ‘XOXO’, ‘Girl x Friend’, and ‘365’.

Despite the non-stop performances, EXO proved their endless energy on-stage giving their all to electronic sounding hits, ‘Overdose’, ‘Transformer’, and ‘Lightsaber’. Matching the boys’ charismatic dance moves, the stage production also deserved recognition for its outstanding lighting, pyrotechnics, and visually compelling presentations that matched with every song played.

Boys will be boys, they say; as EXO playfully danced to popular song Dessert’ and the fans were touched as they proved that they still remember ‘Hawak Kamay’ (a Filipino song that they sang five years ago in Manila) by suddenly singing the chorus during one of the talk sessions. The big dome was transformed into a club as DJ Chanyeol made an appearance for the hip-hop remix of ‘Two Moons’, ‘Drop That’, ‘Let Out The Beast’, ‘Lucky’, and ‘Run’.

Xiumin mentioned he was so impressed at the foot stomping that took place before the concert as EXO-Ls repeated the action, earning a ‘We Will Rock You’ song adlib from Baekhyun. Suho also expressed they were so impressed that the crowd sang to every word of their songs and burst out asking “Do you have a KPOP academy here?” and ending his speech with the mention of Manila being one of the best concerts that they did.

Sporting jerseys, they performed ‘Cloud 9’, ‘Growl’, and ‘Lucky One’ and Baekhyun unleashed his ‘extra-ness’ as he purposely placed himself in the middle of the stage and danced with all his might while the other members hyped him up. The boys ended the concert with ‘Angel’ and a promise to come back as soon as they can.

With worldwide recognition, EXO gave their all during the concert and left fans with beautiful memories solidifying their position as one of the top Kpop groups currently. We would like to extend our huge thank you to Pulp Live World for allowing us media coverage for this event! 🙂

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