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“[PHILIPPINES] The First of MAY(s): Park Jihoon’s First Edition Fan Meeting in Manila”

They say the third time’s a charm—but to Filipino MAYs, their first time seeing Park Jihoon at his first ever solo fan meeting in Manila will definitely have to take the title and the throne.

It was 7PM in the evening, March 15th. The inside of the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City was filled with people—a lot of them in pink; one hand holding a light stick and the other, different kinds of banners and slogans, with their heads committed into wearing either headbands, with the cute face of one man, or baby pink Jigglypuff bonnets.

Filipino MAYs were so ready for the First Edition—Park Jihoon’s First Solo Fan Meeting in Manila.

The lights inside the dome were dimmed, followed by the sudden boom of stage lights, and then the earsplitting (but totally understandable) screaming of the fans. It was a signal that the fan meeting had officially started.

Jihoon set his first stage on fire with his own rendition of Ed Sheeran’s hit song, ‘Shape of You.’ With his smooth and sleek movements, made more powerful by his intense and sexy expressions, Jihoon was able to easily own his Filipino MAYs’ hearts for the night—just with his dancing, for now.

After finishing his first stage and changing his outfit, Jihoon immediately faced his Filipino MAYs and officially gave them his first greetings of the night.

Host Kring Kim asked Jihoon if it is true that the Big Dome holds a special place in his heart—to which the 20-year old idol straightaway answered with a yes, for he remembers clearly the time he came to the coliseum with his fellow former Wanna One members for their Wanna Be Loved Fan Meeting last 2017.

It’s my wish to meet Filipino MAYs,” he added, expressing how he had been looking forward to seeing his Filipino fans again after their 2018 ONE: THE WORLD concert in the country.

After the short introductions, the first corner finally started. It’s the Studying Edition, where Jihoon had to ask Filo MAYs questions about himself.

For the first question, Jihoon revealed that his favorite Filipino phrase is actually “Akin Ka! (You’re mine!)”—which inevitably and naturally caused all MAYs in the venue to either coo or scream at him—no in-betweens.

The idol also shared for the next question that he used to believe in Santa Claus as a child. He said he considers himself a good boy who obeyed his parents well when he was young, so there was actually one time when he expected to receive a toy fire truck gift from Santa for being a ‘nice’ kid.

Jihoon was also asked who he thinks is cuter than him among Wanna One members. MAYs’ answers were divided among Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi, Lai Guanlin, and Ha Sungwoon, but Jihoon ended their agony as he chose Sungwoon—calling him the “small and adorable” hyung!

He immediately followed this answer with a firm announcement for all his MAYs: Everyone, I am not cute!”. It seems like his fans thought otherwise, for they started teasing him for it!

In relation to the ‘being cute’ topic, Kring Kim asked Jihoon if he ever got pressured about coming up with aegyo, given that his previous ones became really popular, like his legendary jeojang catchphrase.

Jihoon said that despite it pressuring him sometimes, he also enjoys coming up with new ones. So MAYs, stay alert. A new aegyo from Jihoon might drop any time soon!

When asked to do an aegyo specially for his Filipino MAYs, Jihoon fondly looked at the crowd and said: Mahal ko kayo~. The coliseum instantly roared with screams and coos, but can anyone really blame the Filo MAYs?

As one of the last questions, Jihoon was asked what his must-have item is for his airport fashion. He gave the sweetest answer when he said his MAYs welcoming him are definitely the most important thing he has to have in airports. He likes it when fans welcome him warmly, and he even mentioned how thankful he is to the Filo MAYs who were at the airport when he arrived in the Philippines the night before the fan meeting.

The first corner was immediately followed by the next one: MAY Edition. Two lucky MAYs were chosen to have a date with Jihoon and roleplay a scenario with him through a cup phone.

The first date specially took place in Boracay—brought to the Big Dome, thanks to the huge monitors on stage—during the golden hour of its sunset. It was a view Jihoon had been wanting to see for himself ever since he heard that the Philippines’ sunset is beautiful.

Jihoon separately exchanged sweet words with the two lucky MAYs, even saying to one of them his famed “Akin ka” line, and the other, a sincere “I love you”, to which all the other MAYs inside (and outside) the venue surely got jealous of!

The second stage of the night immediately followed, with Jihoon performing three songs associated to him as a former Wanna One member. The first one—Wanna One’s ‘I Wanna Have’—is Jihoon’s most favorite of all Wanna One tracks. The second one was a track by his sub-unit No.1 entitled ‘Eleven,’ while the third one was the song which his fellow Wanna One member Lee Daehwi produced for him, called ‘Young 20.’

The third corner was the DIY Edition, where Jihoon designed two one-and-only eco bags which were later raffled to his Filo MAYs. Despite saying that he isn’t good with crafting things with his hands, Jihoon was able to design two special tote bags with flowers and chocolates in it (a belated White Day gift according to him) and his own autograph among the design.

Host Kring Kim claimed that once the lucky MAYs use the bag at work, they’ll surely get a higher salary. Jihoon then cutely exclaimed, “I’ll make your salary go high!”

The next corner, titled Limited Edition, was when Jihoon did a series of missions—from getting pink rabbit stuffed toys from a claw machine to hitting at least five bowling pins in one attempt, to doing the random dance—to be able to hand some more of his gifts to his Filo MAYs.

After the missions, under the pretense of a photo opportunity with his fans, Jihoon was tricked to look at the monitors on stage, which suddenly played a compilation video of Jihoon’s charms and talents—specially prepared by his Filo MAYs!

As the video ended, Filipino MAYs finally proceeded to their special fan project event for Jihoon by pulling out pink slogans which read All MAYs By Your Side”.

Jihoon was undeniably touched and fond when he said, “As expected of Filipino MAYs”. Afterwards, he made sure to save that moment in his heart as he finally took a photo with all the MAYs present that night.

“I’m so happy to meet my Filipino MAYs again, and I’m glad we were able to make good memories together,” Jihoon said as he delivered his final message to his Filipino fans. He also asked his MAYs to support his upcoming solo debut which he diligently prepared for.

“You guys are really my flowers. Until the day we meet again, please wait for it,” Jihoon sweetly told his MAYs, before preparing for his final performances for the night.

The second to the last stage was Jihoon’s solo rendition of Wanna One’s famed ballad, ‘Hide and Seek.’ He said he prepared for it for he heard his MAYs especially wanted to hear him sing a ballad—to which he didn’t disappoint.

As the fan meet was about to end, the atmosphere inside the coliseum started to get heavier—an obvious sign that the night was ending evident among the fans.

However, the melancholic feel didn’t last long, as the stage once again blasted with intense energy and power as Jihoon performed his final stage—his interpretation of Taemin’s ‘Press Your Number.’ As expected of WinkOp!

After the inarguably hot performance, Jihoon set for his final goodbye session with his Filipino MAYs. Riding an elevated, moving platform, he went around inside the Big Dome to get closer to his fans, say his thanks, and bid his final goodbye.

The time for Jihoon and his Filipino MAYs may have ended for the night, but more beautiful days and moments with his MAYs are still on its way. And it’ll officially start on March 26th—the day when Jihoon finally debuts as a solo artist with his song ‘O’Clock.

A genuine and precious artist that is Park Jihoon was what Filipino MAYs were able to see during his first fan meeting in Manila. Indeed, the promise of Jihoon’s growth as a musician, an actor, and an artist overall, is something everyone could and should surely look forward to.

We would like to thank Pulp Live World for letting us cover this event. See more photos HERE.


Written by: Erin
Photos by: Yaine