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“[PHILIPPINES] TEEN TOP Gets Crazy at the KPOP FEST Manila 2015”


Five years of waiting was worth it for the Filipino Angels as CAP, Chunji, LJoe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo deliver their best to rock the fans’ world one song at a time.

Fanmeet and Press Con

Lucky fans got to meet and take a photo with Teen Top as they hold a mini meet and greet before the concert. Angels couldn’t contain their screams when they finally got a glimpse of their beloved boys as they enter the hall.


After all of the fans have taken their photos, The Seoul Story got the chance to ask several questions to the boys. L.Joe expressed his excitement to perform in the Philippines since it’s their first time coming here and he was also excited about the weather since it’s already cold in Korea, the members were looking forward to feeling the warmth of the country.


The boys promised to give their Angels a mature and manly image in the future as they move along in their careers. When asked if they are willing to come back again in Manila after this, Changjo immediately answered that they are looking forward on coming back here and hopefully it will be a bigger event to give even more fans the chance to see them live.

KPOP Fest 2015

The program started off with four amazing singers performing iconic K-Drama OSTs that made people swoon and a bit emotional. Then cover groups Exotix and Se-On (who won several awards in and out of the country) performed dances from EXO, Bangtan Boys (BTS) and Seventeen that hyped up the fans even more.

As soon as Teen Top appeared on-stage, screams of happiness were heard all over the venue. The stage was burning hot as they started off with ‘Hot Like Fire’ followed by their latest single, ‘Ah Ah’. They introduced themselves in Tagalog before continuing with ‘Walk By’ and ‘No More Perfume On You’.


Since it was Halloween, they had the chance to show off their humor by dressing Changjo up as a fabulous vampire with pink shades. They began giving away candies to the crowd as they sing their touching song ‘Angel’.


The boys changed into suits and presented fans with sexy performances of ‘Missing’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Clap’. Niel then talked about how he became sad when he heard what happened in the country because of the Typhoon Lando and sent his concern to those who are affected by the calamity.


After the performance of one of their hits, ‘To You’, the fans surprised leader CAP with cupcakes as they sang him an advanced Happy Birthday. The concert ended with the performance of ‘Miss Right’, ‘Rocking’, and ‘Crazy’ making the crowd feel the energetic party vibe before leaving the stage.


It is evident that the five-year wait of the fans didn’t go to waste as they spent one of the best Halloweens of their lives with Teen Top. This is the Halloween party that didn’t require upscale costumes or awesome make-up skills, because it’s automatic that once you’ve entered the venue, you’re an Angel for the night.

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate and thank MediaSync Productions and Kpop Fest 2015 for the successful event as well as the opportunity to be a part of it!

Written by: Jackie


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