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“[PHILIPPINES] Singer-songwriter DEAN enchants fans at dreamlike ‘130 Mood : TRBL’ Showcase in Manila”

DEAN is definitely aesthetic personified as he visited the Philippines for the first time to promote his album “130 Mood : TRBL”. DEAN is a guy of many talents as he is not only an R&B singer but also a composer that worked with big names in the KPOP industry such as SNSD Taeyeon, EXO and VIXX just to name a few.


Press Conference at the Marco Polo Hotel

Prior to the press conference, DEAN had a little bit of free time as he visited the Pinto Art Museum and started his actual promotions a day after his arrival. He guested on several radio shows a few hours before heading to the press conference.

The first thing he expressed was his thankfulness for everyone’s warm welcome and how he found this Filipino trait quite charming. He was glad that Filipinos are known to be fluent in English so he felt better knowing that his fans will understand his English songs.

DEAN also shared his songwriting process and how his interests and likes greatly affect his creative mind. An artistic block is something he definitely would like to avoid as much as possible as it dampens the quality of his songs. He emphasises that he would not force himself to finish something when not in the best condition as  there will be no soul in the product.

BIG BANG Taeyang was mentioned by DEAN as someone he would like to collaborate and write songs for in the future should the opportunity arise and that it would be a huge honour for him if it turns into reality. He is also open to work with Filipino artists as he is really keen to make music with others regardless of nationalities.

Switching things up, DEAN was then asked about a Pokemon he wants to be, and he answered Pikachu because of its uniqueness. Another question asked was his attachment to long sleeved shirts in which he clarified that he feels uncomfortable whenever his arms are exposed, earning a few giggles from those in attendance.

The session wrapped up on a high note where DEAN expressed he was very excited to perform in front of his Filipino fans for the first time ever and hoped that they would enjoy the show.

DEAN “130 Mood : TRBL” Showcase at SM Skydome

DEAN definitely did not disappoint his Filipino Rebels (official fanclub name) who queued as early as 5AM, as soon as he went on stage.

Overflowing charisma filled the venue as DEAN started singing “Put My Hands On You” and “21” with his magical soulful voice.

The crowd was grooving to the music when “What 2 Do” and fans’ favourite “D (Half Moon)” started playing. Rebels then rapped and sang with DEAN as he performed his English track “I’m Not Sorry”. The R&B artist ended his stage by singing one of his most popular songs “Pour Up”.

Next, the program continued with DEAN’s meet and greet session with lucky fans where he then re-appeared on stage right after, for the fansign session with the first 200 fans that lined up that day. He waved, hi-fived, and presented his cute and charming sides in front of fans, in contrast to his sexy and charismatic self when performing on stage.

For fans of DEAN, every single moment was something they would definitely remember and treasure for a very long time. It was indeed a magical night filled with pure fun and entertainment and we would like to extend our greatest thank you to MCA Music for the generous invite! 🙂

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