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“[PHILIPPINES] OFFROAD Holds First Ever Fanmeeting In Manila”


After attending several events around the region, OFFROAD finally held their first ever fanmeeting in the Philippines last October 14, 2016 at the Korean Cultural Center, Bonifacio Global City. Harang, Rio, Habin, Kino, and Daewon were full of charms as they interacted and played with fans for a few hours.


With the venue’s intimate and personal setting, the fans definitely felt the connection that the boys delivered throughout the event. Reminisce with us as we list down three of the many unforgettable moments that happened at the fanmeeting!


1. OFFROAD Impresses With Outstanding Vocals

The boys delivered praise-worthy vocal skills as soon as they started belting out notes to their own music and a few song covers. This group’s vocal stability captivated the audience with their heartwarming ballads especially leader Daewon’s high notes were impossible to go unnoticed while some fans even screamed in admiration, cheering him on!


2. OFFROAD Shows Off Their Tagalog Speaking Skills

OFFROAD earned the respect from local fans as soon as they communicated with some Tagalog words during the mini interview! Some of the words and phrases they shared were ‘Maganda (pretty)’, ‘Gwapo’ (handsome), ‘Pangit’ (ugly), ‘Masarap’ (delicious), ‘Gutom na ko’ (I’m hungry), ‘Sinungaling’ (liar), and the famous ‘Mahal ko kayo’ (I love you all).

Rapper Kino even earned a few laughter from the crowd as he excitedly screamed ‘Krispy Pata’ as it is one of his favorite Filipino dishes.


3. OFFROAD Shares Their Amazing Fan Service Through Games

After the long wait, fans finally had the chance to play games with OFFROAD! The first one was the classic Pepero Game wherein fans and a member had to eat a Pepero stick between their lips and whoever had the shortest remaining stick is the winner. A little bit of acting was required for the second game where fans chosen were instructed to say ‘Break na tayo! (Let’s break up)’ to the members and the boys will have to think of their own responses. Some did back hugs and some just stopped their partners, but Daewon made everyone screamed as he made the effort to act out his own little scenario.


The Filipino OASIS (official fanclub name) definitely felt closer to the boys as the fanmeet came to an end which then proceeded to the fansign and photo-op sessions where OFFROAD willingly shook everyone’s hand and initiated conversations as they presented their signed photos to fans.

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We would like to thank ShowBT Philippines for inviting us to cover this event!

Check out more photos from the event HERE.



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