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“[PHILIPPINES] N.Flying, NCT 127, GFRIEND & WJSN Shine Brightly at K-pop Republic 2”

It was a blazing hot weekend in Manila as Filipino K-pop fans were greeted by NCT 127GFRIEND, WJSN, and N. Flying at the much-awaited K-Pop Republic 2 concert and it was a blast witnessing these trending groups perform at the Circuit Event Grounds.


Exceptional Vocals & Vigorous Dance Performances
Endless talents from these K-pop artists as they served us with a wealth of vocals – enveloping the whole Circuit Event Grounds in their soothing voices and show-stopping performances.


GFRIEND opened the show with a bang as they performed their hit single “Navillera”, followed by “Rough”, “Love Whisper” and “Summer Rain”, highlighting the powerful belting prowess of the group’s main vocalist Yuju. Of course, it’s not a GFRIEND show without “Me Gustas Tu”. The lovely ladies may look finesse but as soon as their music started playing, you could see how talented they all are when they showcased their sharp dance moves.


Next in line was N. Flying with their distinctive sound of funk, rock, and rap. Seung Hyub, Jae Hyun, Kwang Jin, Cha Hun, and Hwe Sung rocked the stage with their songs “Awesome”, “I’m Okay”, and “The Real”. “Lonely” was truly a remarkable piece that stood out among their stages with its heartfelt lyrics, making the fans sing along in harmony with the boys of N. Flying.


WJSN proved that they are one of the best girl crushes in the industry while performing “Happy”, “Catch Me”, “I Wish” and “Secret”. The addictive and high-repeat value of “MoMoMo” was also noteworthy that you could hear the fans humming to it even after the concert has ended. It was a great sight watching all 13 members of the girl group performing in sync as they captivate the hearts of many!


The much-anticipated NCT 127 was the final act, and their stage started with an energetic dance break from member Taeyong.  The rookie group takes pride in their complex yet high-spirited choreography and with their bass-infused songs like “Fire Truck”, “Limitless”, “0 Mile”,Summer 127”, and “Cherry Bomb”, the boys definitely have left their impact although it was their first visit to Philippines.


Outstanding Visuals
We were blessed with overflowing appeals from the performing groups with living doll-like charms of WJSN, the perfect mixture of grace and beauty of GFRIEND, the charismatic rock stars of N. Flying, and the captivating swag of NCT 127! K-Pop Republic 2 was indeed an eye-candy fest for concert-goers with each group capturing the hearts of the crowd with their irresistible allures.


Genuine Fan Interaction
Of course, K-pop groups would not be here today without the love and support from their fans! These groups certainly showered their fans with plenty of interaction from photo opportunities, taking selfies with fans’ cellphones and celebrating birthdays together on stage. It was a heart-warming sight and definitely a night to remember.


As the show came to an end, it was difficult for the audience to part ways with their favourite idols but we are positive that these groups will be back in Manila with even bigger and better performances in the future. We look forward to more awesome releases from GFRIEND, WJSN, N.Flying & NCT 127 till the next time! We would like to extend our warmest thanks to All Access Production & HM Entertainment for allowing us a media coverage for this event! 🙂


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