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“[PHILIPPINES] MBC Show Champion Celebrates Their 200th Episode In Manila!”


MBC Show Champion is a music show in Korea that is known to broadcast quality performances of the best KPOP idols in the country. To celebrate their 200th anniversary, the show flew nine of the best groups, including emcee Kim Shin Young, to the Philippines to perform at the Mall of Asia Arena. The KPOP fever in the country was set on fire once again as fans of Gugudan, KNK, ASTRO, SONAMOO, AOA, M&D, VIXX, BAP, and BTS all gathered to watch the biggest Korean concert in Manila!

Press Conference                                                                  

The first thing the groups expressed was their excitement and happiness upon performing in Manila. First timers like Gugudan, KNK, ASTRO, SONAMOO and AOA were delighted for the warm welcome. AOA mentioned how heartwarming it was to have received such positive greetings as soon as they arrived at the airport.


A group with a refreshing vibe, ASTRO emphasized their fondness over the Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee. The food was something that they really liked to the point of even posting it on SNS. Member Cha Eunwoo shared that he was reminded of the first time he visited the Philippines (Tagaytay) after tasting Jollibee’s chicken again.


KNK revealed that they are currently working on a new album so they hope that people will look forward to it earning screams of excitement from their Tinkerbells (official fanclub name).


On the other hand, M&D entered with confidence being one of the seniors in the performers’ line-up. Heechul mentioned that he felt comfortable upon coming to Manila as he had been in the country a few times before for concerts. Jungmo and Heechul also provided the comedic relief of the event as they shared their energy and jokes to the media.


BAP was also no stranger to Manila as they came back to perform after a few years. Himchan kept on saying ‘Magandang gabi (Good evening!)’ which earned laughters from the media as it was only afternoon. They were also asked about more Filipino phrases that they remembered and they immediately shouted ‘Mahal ko kayo!’.


Even though it was AOA’s first time in Manila, they voiced their excitement over Filipino food and the beaches around the country. AOA’s Choa also mentioned about the good things that her friend told her upon travelling to the Philippines and how she was looking forward to experience those herself.


The handsome boys of VIXX (missing one member, Leo) didn’t fail to fulfill their promise to the Filipino Starlights (official fanclub name) as they landed in Manila for the second time. They were then asked about one thing that they would like to try again, and youngest member Hyuk answered they had tried the local mangoes before and it was definitely something they would love to eat again.


Being in Manila only a few weeks ago for their concert, BTS still felt the excitement to be back in the country to perform in front of their ARMYs (official fanclub name). Their knowledge was then put to the test as they were challenged to state some of the Tagalog phrases they remembered. They immediately answered ‘Magandang gabi (Good evening)’, Suga mouthed ‘Nag-enjoy ba kayo? (Did you enjoy?), and J-Hope, being his funny self, suddenly started saying ‘Pak ganern’, which is a modern slang in the country.

MBC Show Champion’s 200th Episode Celebration

The excitement was felt at the arena moments before the concert started. The crowd cheered for their favorites as music videos were shown at the big screens. Screams became louder as soon as emcee Kim Shin Young and special emcee, M&D’s Heechul, appeared on stage to hype up the crowd.


The wonderful girls of Gugudan opened the show with their catchy debut song, ‘Wonderland’, followed by ‘Diary’, which is another song from their mini-album.


KNK were charismatic and impressed the crowd with their stable live stages as they performed ‘Knock’ and ‘Back Again’.


ASTRO made everyone squeal as they opened their stage with their latest single ‘Breathless’. This group certainly stood out as they played ‘Pak Ganern’ which is an upgraded version of the classic Filipino game ‘Nanay Tatay’. Member Cha Eunwoo also showed off his English speaking skills as he greeted the fans on behalf of the other members. They then ended their stage with ‘Polaris’ and ‘Cat’s Eye’.


Fans sang along to SONAMOO as they performed their adorable yet impressive dance moves with ‘I Like U Too Much’. The vocal abilities of this group impressed everyone once again as they sang ‘Round N Round.’


M&D switched things up when Heechul’s wonderful voice rocked the stage with ‘Close Ur Mouth’ and ‘Ulsanbawi’. An evident Sapphire Blue Ocean was seen all the time as the duo were performing. They then fooled around with each other while giving the audience a Super Junior throwback when they sang ‘Rokkuko’. Jungmo and Heechul said goodbye to their fans by surprising them with the unexpected mention of a Super Show 7 soon in Manila.


AOA’s bops had everyone grooving along as they showed off their gorgeous selves with ‘Good Luck’, ‘Heart Attack’, and ‘Like A Cat’. The girls also expressed their heartfelt thanks to their fans repeatedly for the warm welcome they received.


Concept-dols VIXX definitely shook everyone with latest release ‘Fantasy’ followed by a sexy performance of ‘Love Me Do’. ‘Dynamite’ was performed next which definitely made the audience danced along to the beat of the music.


BAP turned the place to a literal party by turning up the energy with performances of hit songs ‘That’s My Jam’, ‘Young Wild & Free’, ‘No Mercy’, and ‘Bang 2x’. The boys made sure that all parts of the stage were given equal amounts of love as they spread out and interacted with everyone.


The crowd erupted with deafening screams as the boys of BTS burned the stage with their undeniable charisma as they started off with ‘Fire’. This group never failed to share their energy with everyone as they continued on with ‘Save Me’, ‘Boys With Fun’, and hit song ‘Dope’.

It was a night filled with pure fun and entertainment as the three hour concert seemed short for those who partied with the nine talented groups. Congratulations to MBC Show Champion for their 200th episode! Here’s to many more episodes to come! 😀

The Seoul Story would like to thank All Access Productions for the generous invite to cover the event! Head over to our Facebook page to view the rest of the pictures from the event.

Press Conference Photos Credit: The Seoul Story
Concert Photos Credit: All Access Productions
Article Written By: The Seoul Story



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