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“[PHILIPPINES] Magnetic, Charismatic & Energetic GOT7 Wows Manila Once Again”


“You know you’re ‘Just Right’ for us, right? Just the way you are.” BamBam reminded fans at the press conference of how IGOT7s are beautiful to them even by just being themselves. “But that’s Bruno Mars, ok. Not a GOT7 song.” Jackson added, making the audience laugh out loud.

GOT7, composed of Mark, JB, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom, are no newbies when it comes to comedic punch lines and fan-service. GOT7 truly proved they knew how to have fun aside from their notable singing and dancing skills!

Press ConferenceDSC_0263
The press conference, which was held at one of the Gateway cinemas a few hours before the fanmeet, started out with the boys apologising as they were late for ten minutes due to traffic. Leader JB then stated that they were so excited about performing and interacting with fans later that night. Going on with the series of questions prepared for the boys, aside from expressing how excited they were for their surprises at the fanmeet, they also said that they very much appreciated the Filipino food like Kare-kare, shrimps, and the all-time favourite, the mangos.

The boys were then asked about their favourite concepts and BamBam answered that they were currently playing around with  sexy concepts since they have waited 2 years for it. “Because that’s what we are!” Jackson confidently added. One of the few funny episodes at the press con was when Jackson asked Junior what he liked more, green mangoes or yellow mangoes, but for some reason, Junior misunderstood the question and answered “I like you” but when he immediately realised that he answered wrongly, he covered his face with his hands in embarrassment.DSC_0405Mark did aegyo and Yugyeom did a freestyle dance that made the lucky fans inside the press conference squeal in delight as an exchange for the warm welcome that their Filipino IGOT7s gave them. The boys ended off with promises of a fun filled fanmeet just for the fans!

GOT7’s 1st Fanmeeting In ManilaDSC_0672Screams filled the coliseum even before the lights went out as the audio of ‘If You Do’ started playing. The crowd screamed every word of the song (with matching fanchants!) and the boys weren’t even on-stage yet. Then the lights went off, the opening VCR played, and the boys appeared wearing their sleek black and red suits, performing ‘Stop Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’.

As they were asked to sit down on the stools for a little bit of chat with host/translator of the night, Sam Oh, Jackson had a little bit of a struggle trying to sit because his chair was too high, “The chair is too tall for my short legs!” The activities went on and games such as Musical Chairs, Shake Shake/Pedometer Game and the Telepathy game (wherein every participant was declared winners because of a little bit of humorous cheating going on when it came to the last 3-4 pairs) were played. IGOT7s screamed with envy as every participant of the activities got the chance to hug the members.DSC_0599It was then followed by performances of their hit songs ‘Just Right’ and the oh-so-sexy ‘If You Do’. As the GOT7 boys were visibly energetic and hyperactive, they re-enacted their own scenes of their latest music video while using the other members as props (Bambam used Jackson as the car, Mark walked and gazed sexily with the members acting as the walls, etc).DSC_0738BamBam showed-off his singing skills by singing a Filipino song ‘Ngiti’ and a video montage containing heartwarming messages for the boys were played thereafter. Jackson teared up while watching but the others tried to hold onto their emotions as they still have a show to finish. Calm and quiet Mark was asked to say “Mahal namin kayo” that made the fans swoon. When JB was asked if he has any plans of starring in another drama, he said that there was still no concrete plans but promised that fans will be the first to know if any. Aside from singing a Filipino song, BamBam also showcased his girl group dancing skills by dancing to the chorus of TWICE’s ‘Like OOH-AAH’. A cake was then presented on stage as fans sang an advanced ‘Happy Birthday’ to maknae Yugyeom who is celebrating his birthday this November 17.DSC_0941‘Playground’, ‘Magnetic’, and GOT7’s version of ‘Bounce’ were then performed. Encore started off with a remix version of ‘A’ as the boys went around the stage to be closer to fans. BamBam and Jackson even took selcas/videos using fans’ phones! They said their last words and promised to be back as soon as they can for they had an amazing time in Manila. Jackson ended off by shouting that he loved everyone and prayed for a safe trip home.DSC_0991Witnessing these guys grow from JB and Junior being the duo ‘JJ Project’, to GOT7 debuting with ‘Girls Girls Girls’, and finally being where they are today, there is no doubt they will continue to achieve greater things. Their appreciation for IGOT7s is simply touching as they deliver something different every time to make each moment special.

For the fans, GOT7 is more than just right. They are their playground, moonlight, and everything in between.

The Seoul Story would like to thank All Access Productions for letting us cover the press conference and fanmeet.



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