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“[PHILIPPINES] Love In The Form Of Balloons & Paper Airplanes For SEVENTEEN In Manila!”


It’s only been a little over a year since their debut but a lot has been proven by the boys of SEVENTEEN as they hold their first Asia Pacific Tour. Having fans of all ages, it is undeniable that the recognition for their music in the international and local KPOP scene is vastly growing and improving. The 11 members (Jun and THE8 weren’t present) finally performed in Manila for their two-day fan-meetings last August 14 and 15 at The Theatre at Solaire.

A huge presence of anticipation was felt once the audience began to enter the venue. A number of CARATs couldn’t hold their emotions even before the boys appeared on stage as they started tearing up upon seeing SEVENTEEN’s music videos on screen.

Heartwarming Performances During Day One


1. Say Yes

Main vocalists Dokyeom and Seungkwan serenaded everyone with their voices during ballad duet ‘Say Yes’. After a few tracks of charismatic choreographies and intense screaming from the audience, the song’s emotional flow immediately made the crowd go silent in awe as they listened immensely to the boys’ harmonization and high notes. This moment proved that SEVENTEEN’s vocal power and stability are one of their many talents and strengths, making them a dynamic group.


2. Pretty U

Noted as the song that earned SEVENTEEN’s first win on a music show, ‘Pretty U’ is definitely one of the fan favorites. Screams erupted once the iconic black couch was pulled to the stage. Wearing light blue suits, SEVENTEEN confessed their love to their fans with their fun and equally powerful choreography and lyrics.

This performance was made even more perfect as the crowd didn’t only chant along to the song, but sang with the boys as well, resulting in a memorable duet between the members and CARATs.


3. Love Letter

This song has always been special to everyone. Aside from the heartwarming lyrics, it also has a feel-good tune to it that you can immediately jam along to. Although the melody is already a standout itself, being the last track sang at the fan-meetings, Filipino CARATs made it even more special as they try to give back the love to the boys by preparing sets of fan projects.


The song started off with the audience raising their banners and swaying it to the beat. The members’ faces showed happiness upon seeing the surprise that the fans have prepared for them. But the surprise didn’t end there. Once Wonwoo started singing his lines (“Write everything down about us on a love letter, Mmm and raise it in that sky“), the crowd put it into action and flew paper airplanes around the venue, filled with messages from the heart. SEVENTEEN was truly taken aback and amazed by this special gesture as it was truly unexpected.


Those banners and paper airplanes left the boys touched and teary eyed as they ended their first day of fanmeeting with their sincerest thank yous and warm smiles.


Day Two’s Most Unforgettable Moments

1. Wonwoo’s Cheeseburger Aegyo Comeback

The fanmeeting wasn’t only filled with charismatic performances and emotional music, it was also a way for SEVENTEEN to showcase their fanservice powers and hidden talents. One iconic moment was the comeback of Wonwoo’s cheeseburger aegyo. Being a member of the hip-hop team, Wonwoo is known for having a deep and captivating voice so the high pitched aegyo while saying “tatatata~ cheeseburger juseyo (cheeseburger please)” was something that made the fans screamed and squealed much to their delight.


2. Woozi Dances To ‘Nobody’ and ‘Cheer Up’

As the leader of the vocal team and producer of SEVENTEEN’s songs, Woozi is known to be one of the most serious members. The Q&A segment progressed with him being asked to dance to Wonder Girls’ unforgettable song ‘Nobody’. Woozi’s aegyo was then again put to the test as another fan requested for him to do Twice’s ‘Sha~ sha~ sha~’ dance part in their chart-topper song ‘Cheer Up’ which made the fans smiled in delight while the member covered his face in embarrassment.


3. Pastel Colored Balloons

Another day, another surprise! It seemed like CARATs really do know how to make the boys smile. As the first day was filled with paper airplanes up in the air, the second day didn’t hold back with their fan projects as well. Pastel colored balloons were raised and thrown up in the air when ‘Healing’ started playing.


It takes two to tango. As the balloons were waved high up in the air, SEVENTEEN threw signed balls to the crowd at the same time. Of course the message banners weren’t forgotten as they were raised during ‘Love Letter’. The fanmeet ended as SEVENTEEN bid farewell with heartwarming messages to the fans and their promise to come back soon as 13.


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