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“[PHILIPPINES] INFINITE Delivers Their Own Version of Forever in Manila”


Being known as the group with 99.9% synchronization when it comes to their choreography, INFINITE proves that they’re not just incredible when it comes to dancing, but as well as their vocals and overall stage performance.

Two years have passed since they last visited the country, and Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong certainly reminded everyone about how they deliver the best performances. Everyone was amazed as the show started with vibrant and electrifying strobelights that matched the beat of the intro music. As soon as the stage revealed the 7 princes, the arena filled with screams of their loyal Inspirits as they started waving their Pearl Metal Gold lightsticks.


Powerful and sexy songs such as ‘Before The Dawn’, ‘Paradise’, and ‘Be Mine’ were first on the setlist. The boys then introduced themselves, surprising the fans with Tagalog phrases that a concert crowd does not hear much from international artists. Some of them being “Ako ang inyong boyfriend (I am your boyfriend)” of L, “Ako ang inyong anghel (I am your angel)” of Sungjong, and the funniest and most iconic one, “Boom Panis! Boom boom! Panis panis!” from Hoya. Not to mention his straight face while saying it. The adorable introduction was followed by the performance of “Destiny” and “Tic Toc”.

INFINITE is also known for their sweet and ‘feel-good’ songs. The fans swooned at the boys’ perfect vocals as they serenaded Inspirits with ‘Love Letter’, ‘Walk To Remember’, and ‘Between Me And You’. Woohyun then kicked off the special stage segment, belting out his self-composed song ‘Everyday’. Sunggyu performed his solo song ‘Kontrol’ – on that very same night, he was announced to be an award-winner at the Melon Music Awards for the category ‘Best Rock Artist’. Congratulations! 🙂


The special stages went on with the performance of the unit groups – INFINTE H was first up and made the stage even hotter than it already was. Dongwoo opened their show with an impressive dance solo before performing to ‘Sorry I’m Busy’ and ‘Pretty’. INFINITE-F displayed their cuteness as they serenaded fans with ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘My Girl’ while giving away signed paper airplanes to lucky Inspirits.


INFINITE came back on-stage as a group to perform lively songs like ‘Nothing’s Over’, ‘Entrust’, ‘Cover Girl’, ‘Up To You’ and ‘Moonlight’ followed by ‘Bad’. The encore stage began with their debut song ‘Come Back Again’, and afterwards the boys showed off their cute Tagalog skills once again by saying another set of phrases like “Magkita tayo sa susunod (Let’s see each other next time)” by Sunggyu,  “Di ako uuwi ngayon (I won’t go home right now)” by Sungyeol, “Nag enjoy ba kayo? Salamat sa inyong pagbibigay ng energy! Merong forever! (Did you have fun? Thank you for giving us all the energy! Forever exists!” by Woohyun, “Na touch ako sa suporta niyo. Maraming Inspirit na umiiyak pag lumalabas kami. Wag kayong umiyak. Babalik kami dito. Parati kayong masaya at malusog. (I am touched by your support. Many Inspirits cry whenever we appear. Do not cry. We will be back here. Always be happy and healthy)” by Hoya, “Ikaw ay akin (You are mine)” by Sungjong, and “Wag niyong kalimutan, ako ang inyong boyfriend (Don’t ever forget that I am your boyfriend)” by L.


It was truly another memorable night for the fans as the boys ended the show with an emotional song, ‘Together’. For the Inspirits, even if they like other groups and support other artists as well, this group will forever be special in their hearts because they all know that loving them is endless, is eternal, and it is INFINITE.

Written by: Jackie

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