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“[PHILIPPINES] Boys Republic Proves That They Are ‘The Real One’”


Dubbed as one of the hottest rookies of 2013, Boys Republic, consisting of members One Junn, Sunwoo, Minsu, Sungjun and Suwoong, charmed the Philippine Royal Family as they held their 2-day showcase event in venues around Manila like Lucky China Town, Venice Piazza, and Eastwood City.

Press Conference at Marco Polo Hotel


At the press conference, the boys admitted that they were a bit nervous but they will try to show their best at the showcases so that their Filipino fans will be happy and satisfied.

When asked about the things that they wanted to do in the Philippines, Suwoong answered that he wants to meet new people, especially fans, and that he wants to eat a lot of food. Minsu picked Cebu as a place in the country that he wanted to visit in the future, and the other members agreed.


The boys named G.O.D and The Beatles as artistes they look up to. Female artiste IU, was also picked by the boys as the female artist they would want to collaborate with.

Eastwood City Goes Wild for Boys Republic


The fans certainly did not mind waiting in the scorching heat for the chance to witness Boys Republic perform their hit singles like ‘The Real One’, ‘Video Game’, ‘Dress Up’, and ‘Party Rock’ as well as an R&B track titled ‘Doll’. The boys even fluttered fans’ hearts and recited some Filipino phrases like “Mahal ko kayo (I love you)”, “Mabuhay (Welcome)” and “Importante kayo sa amin (You are important to us)”. They also sang ‘Boom Panes’, which made the fans squeal in delight.


Lucky fans also participated in a fansign event with Boys Republic. The fans got to meet, interact up-close with the boys and also personally hand them their gifts.

Happy Birthday, Suwoong!


Another highlight of the event was when local fanclub, Boys Republic Philippines, threw a mini birthday party for Suwoong. The fans gamely put on their party hats and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday boy as he was presented with the cake, which Suwoong received with a huge smile on his face.


When the showcase came to a close, Boys Republic bade farewell to their fans and thanked them for coming and promised that they will be back to see them all again soon.

The Seoul Story would like to congratulate and thank MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) for the opportunity to attend and cover this memorable fan meeting. Click here for more pictures from the event.

Written by: Jackie


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