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“[PHILIPPINES] BEAST Reminds B2UTYs ‘How To Love’ during Manila Fanmeet!”


After six long years, BEAST visited the Philippines on March 19 and fellow B2UTYs were more than excited to welcome the boys.

Even before Doojoon, Junhyung, Gikwang, Yoseob, and Dongwoon started the fanmeet, the boys greeted the media with “It’s good to be back!”


BEAST opened up the fanmeet with hits like ‘Good Luck’, followed by ‘YeY’. The crowd waved their lightsticks and sang along with all their might as the group showcased their impactful vocal power and dance moves.

Dongwoon surprised the fans as he introduced himself as ‘Dongwoon from Sta. Rosa’ hinting that he still remembers his time well spent studying in Sta. Rosa, Laguna before. That introduction was followed by adorable Yoseob’s “I’m Yeoseob from Korea” which made the fans giggle. ‘I Think I Love You’ and ‘Gotta Go To Work’ were then performed after.

Lucky fans got to partner up with the members at a cup stacking game wherein they tried to stack the cups alternately and whoever made the highest stack, wins. B2UTYs enjoyed seeing the boys all focused while trying to protect their cups from the prying hands of the other members. The winner was presented a polaroid shot with the group.


BEAST tuned it down by performing ‘Midnight’, ‘On Rainy Days’, and ‘Suite Room’. Even though the group was missing a member that night, the boys tried their hardest to deliver the same amount of power as they do whenever they’re complete.

Soccer skills were put to test when the boys were assigned to kick a ball to a corresponding number to get a prize to give to the audience. Prizes included a signed album, signed season’s greeting, tumblers courtesy of Starbucks Philippines, and a bear from Yoseob. The fans went ‘aww’ as Dongwoon, knowing that the fans wanted the bear so much, volunteered to kick the ball multiple times to win it for the fans.


’12:30’ and ‘Beautiful Night’ were next on the list followed by a mini-birthday celebration for courtesy of their Philippine B2UTYs! They thanked the crowd for attending and promised to come back as soon as they can for, hopefully, a concert. Dongwoon wished to eat ‘taho’ with the fans next time as it was his favourite when he was studying at Laguna.

They ended the fanmeet with ‘Encore’ and ‘How To Love’ after which a special close-up time with fans through photo-op, hi-5 session & signed photos opportunities.



The beautiful night seemed like an endless fairytale, a  grand romantic dance that can go on forever. B2UTYs were left with beautiful memories as their love story with BEAST were unforgettable, remarkable, and gorgeously beastly.

You may also check out our Facebook post for more photos. Special shout-out to All Access Productions for giving The Seoul Story an opportunity to cover this event.




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