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“[PHILIPPINES] B.I.G Gets Candid at ‘The B.I.GINNING’ Press Conference”

Almost two months after Super Pop Con 2017, the energetic boys of B.I.G are back for the second time in the Philippines for the Manila leg of their Asia Tour, The B.I.GINNING, on September 2, 2017 at the Music Museum.

Two days prior to the concert, a press conference was held for the boys to share a gist of of how they felt being back in Manila so soon and what their Filipino fans should expect for their first solo concert in the country.

After the press conference, The Seoul Story was able to sit down with the boys of B.I.G for an intimate interview.


J-Hoon, the group’s leader, shared that he really wanted to come back to Manila because he had such a great time at Super Pop Con 2017 and also during B.I.G’s guesting on the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime“. He then added that since their Filipino fans are energetic, the group has prepared an equally energetic performance for their concert.

When asked about what is the best and hardest thing of being the leader of B.I.G, he joked that the best thing was that he gets the best seat in their car. On a more serious note, he said that there is nothing special nor hard in being the group’s leader because the members treat each other like friends and because B.I.G doesn’t really practice the Korean culture of having a ‘hyung’ and ‘dongsaeng’ type of relationship, unlike most K-pop boy groups.

As the group’s main dancer, we asked Gunmin on where or who he draws inspiration from in terms of dancing. He said that he draws inspiration from various ways but he particularly remembers the one time that he got inspired when Benji was fooling around and dancing. He also mentioned that he admires the Filipino-American choreographer, Brian Puspos.

It has been 3 years after the group debuted and they have really come a long way since then. Heedo shared that they had a really hard time during their promotions for their 1.2.3′ single as Minpyo was unable to perform with them due to health concerns and they weren’t used to performing with only four members. When they were complete again for their ‘Hello, Hellopromotions, Heedo said that it was the most memorable moment as it was the time when they knew that they really needed each other.

Benji, on the other hand, considers the Asia tour that they’re currently having as one of the highlights of their career so far. The tour started off in Seoul and Benji shared that after that particular concert, the boys felt so proud of their shared accomplishment as it was one of their first headliner concerts and that it was a really unifying moment among the members. Moreover, he said that the feeling of fulfillment is one of the things that the group is looking forward to continue experiencing when going to other countries and meeting more of their fans.

One of the fun questions that we asked the boys was that if they could be another B.I.G member, who would they choose to be and the reason behind it.

Minpyo said that he wanted to be Gunmin because of his charisma and great body proportions, which Minpyo confessed that he envies.

On the other hand, J-Hoon chose Benji because of Benji’s fluency in English. J-Hoon then shared a story of a time when they were staying at a hotel and he asked the hotel staff for slippers but they gave him a towel instead because of his mispronunciation. He was sharing the room with Benji at the time and he recalled that Benji was laughing really hard at him.

Finally, we asked the boys to give some song recommendations for their fans. Benji recommended Mamaby Jonas Blue featuring William Singe, and also mentioned that it’s a perfect end-of-summer song. Gunmin suggested the song ‘Vanilla Sky, which he sang and Heedo wrote. They also recommended the song ‘Just You & Me Now, sung by J-Hoon and Heedo for the OST of the web drama they starred in entitled ‘Idol, Protect the World.

Watch B.I.G’s special shoutout to their Filipino fans below:

It was a great time spent and The Seoul Story would like to extend our gratitude to All Access Production for the invite and for allowing us an exclusive interview with the boys of B.I.G! 🙂


Photos by: Yaine
Written by: Sai



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