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“[PHILIPPINES] A.De & Joo Wontak Spice Up The Launch of Korean Fusion Restaurant KOCO in Manila”

It is no doubt that K-pop is huge in Philippines and despite their first time in the country, the girls of A.De and Produce 101 contestant Joo Wontak, both from 2ABLE COMPANY were touched at the overwhelming response from the local fans.

Their visit to Manila was in conjunction with the opening of a localised Korean Fusion Restaurant, KOCO where they greeted media and fans at the venue. The Seoul Story had the opportunity to interview A.De and Joo Wontak before they commenced with the mini fan-sign event thereafter.


Getting to Know A.De
Deriving from refreshing drinks ending in “-ade”, A.De explained that their group is cool, sparkly, and attractive, with each of the members having their own characters and flavours.

When asked on what kind of commercials they would want to film should the opportunity arise, the girls presented a variation of answers! Haeyoung mentioned she would like to film a commercial for purified water as it accurately represents their group name very well. She also stated that endorsing comfortable furniture is also part of her list. Suyeon expressed her interest in filming for a beer commercial while Miso said she wanted to endorse lipsticks.

In terms of collaboration, they all had their own selections, displaying their different flavours and personalities! Haeyoung who enjoys hip-hop mentioned she would love to work with Beenzino. Suyeon shared she would like to collaborate with Sandara Park in the Philippines while in Korea, working with Crush would be her greatest wish. Miso who idolises HyunA said she would like to try a sexy concept someday, after she turns 18 in two years time!

Relating to the opening of KOCO, Haeyoung suggested ‘Yakgwa’, a Korean sweet pastry when asked to recommend a favourite Korean dish to their fans. Miso added that ‘Bibimbap’ would be a good choice as it is one of the most common dishes in Korea while Suyeon suggested ‘Kimchi Jiggae’ as her personal pick!


Getting to Know Joo Wontak
Joo Wontak who recently participated and gained attention in Produce 101 Season 2 for his handsome looks and stable live vocals, mentioned he had developed close friendship with a lot of other contestants from the show. Till today, he still keeps in contact with them and hang out whenever they all have spare time. At the moment, he shared that he is currently preparing with other trainees from the company for a potential idol group debut.

When asked about collaborations, Wontak expressed his admiration for BIG BANG’s Taeyang and it would be an honour to work together with him given the chance.

He further shared he would recommend ‘Samgyeopsal’ (pork belly) as the Korean food to try to his fans as it is one of his favourite dishes as well!

A.De and Joo Wontak shared they felt nervous before coming to Manila as it was their first time and did not know what to expect but they were shocked and really touched to get such a warm reception at the airport upon their arrival. Meeting their fans in Philippines also created new and great memories for all of them as they interacted and successfully concluded the launch of KOCO restaurant in Manila!

The localised Korean Fusion Restaurant KOCO offers affordable Korean food and services. The main menu includes seasoned and fried chicken along with beef and rice topped with KOCO’s special sauce to satisfy the taste buds of customers. Be sure to head over to KOCO’s website for the updated offers!

For more HQ photos from the event, head over to The Seoul Story’s Facebook Page! We would like to extend our huge congratulations to KOCO for their successful launch and our thanks for the exclusive invitation! 🙂



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