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“[PHILIPPINES] A.De Gather As Special Crew Members For KOCO Restaurant in Manila”

On August 15 2017, KOCO, a Korean Fusion restaurant located in Quezon City, invited the members of girl group A.De to be special one-day crews to serve their fans and celebrate the launch of KOCO’s special new menu!

A.De is a six-member girl group which debuted June 23rd of last year under 2ABLE Company. Some of their members, namely Haeyoung, Suyeon, and Miso, also appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101. A.De seems to be the perfect ambassador for a Korean Fusion restaurant like KOCO as their group’s concept doesn’t stray too far from food; each member has a fruit and its corresponding colour associated to them.

The Seoul Story was given the opportunity to interview the girls after they had finished serving and meeting their fans! As the day was all about food, we asked the girls what food would best describe them. Suyeon, the group’s oldest member and their leader, answered with dark chocolate. People who like dark chocolate are believed to be classy and sophisticated, and are known as those who make firm decisions and form strong relationships.

On the other hand, Miso, the group’s youngest member at 17 years old, said that orange, the fruit associated to her as a member of A.De, best describes her as a person. People who have orange as their favorite fruit are believed to be patient and reliable who have a positive outlook towards life and work.

The group’s rapper, Rachel, said that the beverage that would best describe her personality is watermelonade. She also mentioned that since it is now summer in Korea, watermelon is also a popular food among Koreans during this season.

When asked about their future projects and if they had any comebacks planned soon, they shared that they will probably release a special album by the end of the year and that they also have special plans both in Korea and in the Philippines.

Finally, we asked A.De for a special message for their followers on The Seoul Story and their leader, Suyeon, said on behalf of everyone, “First of all, thank you for the support. We are working really hard for our fans so we are thankful for their support and encouragement. Please continue on supporting A.De!”

We would like to thank KOCO Restaurant for the generous invite and we look forward to seeing A.De again in the future! 🙂

Written by: Sai



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