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“[PHILIPPINES] 6th Time’s The Charm For The Kpop Convention!”


The Philippine KPOP Convention is back for its 6th year of celebrating Korean music and artists this time, grander and bolder! With Bernard Park, GOT7 and SISTAR in attendance, The Seoul Story witnessed an entire day of spectacular performances by both fans and artists through contests such as ‘KPOP Cosplay’, ‘KPOP Singing Star’ and ‘KPOP Dance Battle’.


Bernard Park opens for the idols’ stage

KPOP STAR 3 winner, Bernard Park was the first to serenade us with his soulful voice as he sang some of his songs and his rendition of ‘Right Here Waiting’, which he sang when competing in the survival music program. He was also more than willing to experience local Filipino culture as he wore the Barong Tagalog (the formal men’s wear in the Philippines), drank Sago’t Gulaman and played Trumpo. He also tried to show off his linguistic skills as he sang a few lines of ‘Nasayo’ Na Ang Lahat’.


GOT7 gave us more than we can take

The next set of performers made the girls (and even boys) screamed their lungs out with polished skills and good looks. JYP Entertainment’s hot rookie, GOT7 proved their popularity in the Philippines as fans went wild upon their entrance. The cheers were unstoppable once they started dancing while donned in grey school boy outfits. Some of the songs they performed included ‘Girls Girls Girls’, ‘A,’ and ‘Stop Stop It’.

The boys also played guessing games wherein they have to feel and guess things inside a box and erupted laughter from fans as they get nervous from random things. They showed off their Filipino speaking skills as they blurt out random local words in between songs. After that, they proceeded with the high touch and photo op with some lucky fans. Before they left the stage, they bid farewell, thanked all the people for the warm welcome and promised to come back.


SISTAR shows us what sexy really means

Dubbed as KPOP sexy divas, SISTAR and their sexiness took over Manila as members Hyorin, Bora, Dasom and Soyou performed ‘Touch My Body’, ‘Ma Boy’, ‘Give It To Me’, ‘Alone’ and ‘I Swear’.

In between performances, they took time to answer questions and played games showcasing their bubbly and dorky side. When asked about their distinction from other girl groups, one of the members automatically answered “Color” and made everyone laugh. They were also asked what their dream professions will be if they were not idols and Hyorin answered that she’ll be a veterinarian, Bora will be a dancer, Dasom will be a teacher and Soyou can do anything because she’s good at everything.  In addition, they also demonstrated their creativity when asked to design clothes out of crepe papers.

As the show progressed, local fanclub, SISTAR Philippines presented the girls with cake and flowers accompanied by a sweet video montage showcasing their love to SISTAR. This sweet gesture had the girls tear up, particularly member Soyou who got extremely emotional.  Shortly after, they bid farewell to their Filipino fans and expressed their happiness spending time in the Philippines and that they never knew they had a lot of fans here.


It was truly a day to remember and The Seoul Story would like to thank PULP Live World for the opportunity to cover the event and we look forward to the #KCON7 next year! Check out our Facebook Page for more pictures from the event =]

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