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“[PHILIPPINES] 5 Things That Made Super Pop Con in Manila 2017, ‘Super’”

It was one hell of a party in Manila as the boys of B.I.G, PENTAGON, B.A.P, VIXX, BTOB, and B1A4, as well as the very charming KRIESHA CHU visited the Philippines to perform their hits in front of their fans for the Super Pop Concert 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

To reminisce the moments, we listed down five things that made this event unforgettable:


Kriesha Chu’s first ever performance in Manila

Born in Makati while growing up in the United States, Kriesha Chu went to Korea and competed in KPOP Star 6 to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. Now that she has officially debuted, she made her way back to her motherland, but this time, to perform her debut hit ‘Trouble’ and more. She also showcased her Tagalog skills as she gifted her fans an emotional performance of ‘Kung Ako Nalang Sana’ which made everyone sang along and cheered in response.


The energetic boys of B.I.G

The boys of B.I.G were first timers in Manila so they felt super excited throughout the day. Prior to the concert, the members made their way to a popular noontime program “It’s Showtime” to perform and chat with the madling people. It was a quite a notable experience for them as they gave a short message to the show’s main host Vice Ganda, inviting him to come hang out with them sometime.

B.I.G remained as hyper during their performances during the concert. It was not hard to adore these wonderful boys while they tried their best to be interactive with the crowd. We will get to see this group again as they will come back to Manila in September 15 for their concert at the Music Museum.


Hyped up performances of PENTAGON, VIXX, BTOB, and B.A.P

These boy groups were no strangers to the enthusiastic crowd of the K-pop scene in Manila as they made their way back to the city to perform their hits once again. After PENTAGON successfully celebrated New Year’s Day with their Filipino Universes (official fanclub name), they expressed how happy they were to meet their fans once more for the Super Pop Con. Loud screams were heard as the boys performed ‘Can You Feel It‘, ‘Pretty Pretty‘, ‘Beautiful‘ and lastly, their latest single ‘Critical Beauty‘.

VIXX‘s performances during the night were undeniably filled with happiness and loud screams as the boys had full attendance this time during the concert after Leo was unable to perform the last time VIXX were in Manila. It was certainly a happy and precious night for Starlights (official fanclub name) as they boys belted out ‘Shangri-La’ and ‘Fantasy’ for the fans!

With BTOB as part of the line-up, there was never a boring time as their humor filled the venue as soon as they stepped on stage. The rappers spitted fire and the vocals were heavenly for their first song, “I’ll Be Your Man”. Moving on to more serious stuff, BTOB reached out and dedicated their performance of “It’s Okay” to the victims of the earthquake at Ormoc, Leyte. Filipino Melodies(official fanclub name) took it up a notch and cutely pleaded for a full concert and Peniel promised to talk to their company about it and hopefully will push through for it to happen in the future.

It’s always party time with B.A.P! Yongguk, Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup, and Zelo made everyone danced along and every BABY (official fanclub name) blew their whistles with the best absolute perfect quality of performances delivered that night. The green light of Matokis’ filled the arena as the boys ended the two hour concert.


The musically colorful songs of B1A4

Whichever group you like, you can never ignore the catchy songs of B1A4. With each song distinct to one another, not only BANAs (official fanclub name) but the rest of the crowd did not  fail to bob their heads to the beat as the boys sang and danced adorably at the concert. Upbeat songs such as “What’s Happening” and ‘Good Timing’ had everyone in high spirits while ‘Lonely’ and ‘A Lie’ served us a different emotional side of the boys.

The boys of B1A4 asked for the support of their fans as they prepare for the release of an upcoming album.


The gathering of different fandoms to support a concert with a cause

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! Super Pop Con 2017 was not only an event for all the fans of the seven artists to enjoy, but also a way for the attendees to spread awareness as the organisers are currently working on a project with PDP Laban regarding drug rehabilitation through creating free centers across the country.

It was definitely a meaningful event and we would like to sincerely thank All Access Productions for allowing us to cover this event! For more HQ photos from the event, check out our Facebook Page! 🙂




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