Payment and Order Status

Bank Transfer (ATM, I-Banking, Bank Deposit )

  • For payments made via ATM Machine and I-Banking, please attach the receipt in your confirmation email. We have the right to reject your order(s) if there is no receipt attached.
  • For bank deposit, kindly round up all figures. Excess will be refunded via meetup/postage, whichever applicable.

What’s Next?
1. An auto-generated e-mail will be sent to you almost immediately after order(s) placed.  (Please check both inbox & junk folder).

2. You are required to make payment within 24-48 hours after confirmation email received.

3. Once payment has been made, you are required to email us with full details as confirmation in a format that will be given to you

* Duration of arrival of item(s), kindly read here

* Email/Text Message will be sent when your item(s) is/are ready for collection

* Items for postage will be mailed out within one week after arrival


Order Status
On-hold: Order(s) placed but have yet to make payment
Processing: Payment has been verified and order(s) sent to supplier
Completed: Order(s) collected/delivered
Refunded: Refunds processed due to order(s) being out of stock
Cancelled: Payment not received within 48 hours after order(s) placed