“[NEWS] Korean Dessert Chain Sweet Monster to open 3rd store in Singapore end Feb!”


Fans of Sweet Monster in Singapore, heads up! The popular dessert chain is slated to open their third store in Singapore at Velocity, Novena Square. Keep your eyes peeled for the official opening date, which is likely to be at the end of February.


For those not yet in the loop, Sweet Monster’s origins can be traced back to Korea. They are the proud creators of the towering Popcorn Ice Cream with 26 outlets in Hong Kong, Thailand and China. Having already opened outlets in Plaza Singapura and Bugis Junction, Sweet Monster is expanding to better cater to their large local fanbase and improve accessibility to their delicious desserts!

Sweet Monster prides itself on its unique visuals, inimitable flavor with quality ingredients and charming characters everyone will love – the Sweet Monsters! Each Sweet Monster character represents a part of the menu. For example, Bluemon represents the Lemon Ade, Cookiemon represents the crunchy cookie bits in Cookie Mountain and Popmon represents the signature popcorn! With this concept, Sweet Monster creates a vibrant, colourful culture that brings happiness to people.

On to everybody’s favourite part – the actual desserts!

  1. Premium Soft Serve


One of the key elements to good soft serve ice cream is the quality of the ice cream mixture. Sweet Monster’s premium soft serve is made fresh daily in-house from a mix of HACCP certified milk and secret formula milk powder. Whilst an average soft-serve consists of 10-20% of milk, Sweet Monster’s version contains more than 75%. This results in rich flavours and a wonderful velvety texture. You can choose to enjoy the soft-serve alone, or complete it with a sprinkle of cookies, caramel macchiato, wafers, or air-popped gourmet popcorn.

  1. Monster Popcorn

The Monster Popcorn is made with non-GMO corn and popped by air in Korea. They also emphatically ensure no trans-fat, no saturated fat, no preservatives and no artificial colours are used either.


  1. Monster Popcorn Ice Cream

The signature Monster Popcorn Ice Cream consists of a mountain of silky smooth soft serve studded with crunchy gourmet popcorn. Choose from a range of popcorn such as Caramel, Chocolate, Milk, Strawberry and Cheese-Caramel Mix. The best seller Cheese-Caramel Mix is well-balanced with both sweet and savoury notes.


  1. Monster Ice Cream Milk Shake

Sweet Monster’s Ice Cream Shake is made from their premium soft serve. The exclusion of ice and water in the blending process creates a beverage that is rich and smooth. The respective toppings provide an excellent texture contrast to the velvety blend. Choose from a range of flavours such as Strawberry Cake and Ferrero Nutella.


  1. Lemon Ade


Representing Sweet Monster’s signature mascot Bluemon, the Lemon Ade is a thirst-quenching and zingy beverage suited for Singapore’s tropical climate. Made with real fruits and a splash of blue curacao, it is the perfect conclusion to the ice cream.


  1. Plaza Singapura B2-49, 1030AM to 1030PM (Mon – Sun)
  2. Bugis Junction M01-K1, 1030AM to 1030PM (Mon – Sun)
  3. Velocity@Novena Square #01-61 (Opening end of Feb 2016)

Stay tuned to The Seoul Story for more details on the upcoming store opening! Visit Sweet Monster’s website and their official Facebook page for their full menu and updates on current promotions 🙂


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